Christen Christensen Estrup

Male 1710 - 1764  (54 years)



Christen Estrup (20-06-1790 - 17-09-1868), mayor of Odense 1847-1860.

This is Christen Estrupn son of Peder Estrup and Gedske Cathrine Jungersen, grandson of Christen Christensen Estrup and Magdalene Lauritsdatter Engelstoft

Estrup is a Danish family whose ancestor, Christen Estrup (died 1757), who was first a tenant at Lindenborg Estate , later living in Nibe , became the father of town and town hall clerk in Elsinore , councilor Lauritz Christian Estrup (1753-1826) and to magister Peder Estrup (1756-1818), who with great skill held the office of rector in Randers , where he later worked as parish priest and provost . The latter's eldest daughter married professor, conference councilor Laurids Engelstoft , his sons were mayor of Odense , conference councilor Christian Estrup(1790-1868), who left no sons, the doctor Peder Jungersen Estrup (1791-1830), who went into Russian service, but whose descendants live in this country, and the historian, state councilor , dr.phil. Hector Frederik Janson Estrup , who was the father of the statesman, council president Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup (1825-1913). This was i.a. father of chamberlain , court huntsman Hector Estrup to Ormstrup and Kongsdal (1860-1914), to Adam Estrup to Fårupgård (1864-1934) and to cand.theol. Jacob Estrup to Skaføgård (1870-1941).


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