Jean Pierre Trouette

Jean Pierre Trouette

Male Abt 1833 - 1885  (~ 52 years)



Pierre Trouette and Family

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Great Western Cemetery, Victoria, Great Western, Northern Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Notes: Statement of Significance
The Great Western Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Great Western, has significance as an important place of commemoration and as a significant cultural landscape. It appears to have been established in the early 1860s and features numerous headstones, grave surrounds and other cemetery architecture amongst a rural grassed setting punctuated by eucalypts.

The Great Western Cemetery is historically and aesthetically significant at a LOCAL level. It is associated with the development of the settlement of Great Western in the early 1860s, and it demonstrates important visual qualities. These qualities include the rural setting comprising an open grassed area featuring numerous headstones, grave surrounds and other cemetery architecture laid out in regular rows with grassed paths and eucalypts between.

The Great Western Cemetery is socially significant at a LOCAL level. It is recognised and valued by the Great Western community for cultural, spiritual and commemorative reasons.

Overall, the Great Western Cemetery is of LOCAL significance.


Few details have been ascertained in support of the history of the Great Western Cemetery. The earliest graves appear to date from 1860-1862, which suggests that the cemetery had been established by that time. The new cemetery gates were installed in 1999 as a gift from Ms Nellie Hoverden.

Citation References:

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The site of the Great Western Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Great Western, encompasses large grassed area on slightly sloping land that is punctuated by various eucalypts. A recent aluminium palisade fence approximately 1300 mm high forms the cemetery boundary. The graves are laid out in regular rows separated by grassed paths and the various grave surrounds, headstones and monuments are an obvious feature of the cultural landscape.

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