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Lund. Carl

Lutheran, died 10 September 1923, 80years, born Denmark.

Status: Unmarked

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Linked toCarl Marius Lund, . Blacksmith
AlbumsNikenbah Cemetery


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Cemetery Photos

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1Andersen, Gilbert Jens , died 26th Jun 1919, 1yr old Andersen, Gilbert Jens , died 26th Jun 1919, 1yr old
2Andersen, Soren, passed away 20 Jul 1910 Andersen, Soren, passed away 20 Jul 1910
3Andersen. Family Andersen. Family
Peter Andersen, died 16th November 1913, aged 66yrs.

Mary Anne Catherine Andersen, died 25 June 1882, aged 3 months.

Niels Johannes Andersen,
died 7 February 1888, aged 8 months.


Anders Jensen, (father to Peter), died 6 October 1879 aged 59yrs. 
4Andersen. Lars Andersen. Lars
Methodist, died 22 March 1929, aged 72yrs, born Denmark. 
5Austin. Abel Austin. Abel
Church of England,died 22 February 1927, aged 88 years, born Oxfordshire. 
6Bate. Richard Granville Bate. Richard Granville
Salvation Army, died 27th November 1943,
born 24th April 1904, NSW,  
7Bell. James Bell. James
Church of England, died 28th October 1935 aged 69years, born Yangan. 
8Bengtson. Lars Bengtson. Lars
Died 26th August 1920 
9Berthelsen. Jens Peter  and
Berthelsen. Rasmine Eline Berthelsen. Jens Peter and Berthelsen. Rasmine Eline
Jens Peter died 13 May 1915 aged 61years.
Rasmine Eline died 27 August 1932 aged 73yrears 
10Blackley. Dagmar A (nee Stephensen) Blackley. Dagmar A (nee Stephensen)
Methodist, died 6th January 1924, aged 34years, born Maryborough. 
11Bundesen. Peter Petersen    and  
Bundesen Christina Bundesen. Peter Petersen and Bundesen Christina
Peter Petersen Bundesen died 8th January 1915 aged 74years.
Christina died 29th February 1920 aged 75years. 
12Carlson. Ane Kierstine Carlson. Ane Kierstine
Died 23 October 1910, aged 58 years. 
13Christensen, Anders Christensen, Anders
Died 7th January 1939, born Denmark.
Husband to Anne Margrethe Petersen 
14Christensen. Anna Thomine Christensen. Anna Thomine
Methodist, died 31 July 1939, aged 79yrs, born Denmark 
15Christensen. Mrs Anne (nee Petersen)
Christensen. Mrs Anne (nee Petersen)
Methodist, died 16th July 1940, aged 75 years, born Sunderburg, Denmark.

As there is no other Anne Christensen in the area, I am presuming she is Anne Margrethe Petersen Married to Anders Christensen 
16Christiansen, Hans Jorden Marvis Christiansen, Hans Jorden Marvis
Methodist, died 28th January 1937, aged 84years, born Denmark. 
17Christiansen. Katherine Henrietta Christiansen. Katherine Henrietta
Baptist, died 1st July 1931, aged 36years, born Gympie. 
18Christiansen. Margaret Christiansen. Margaret
Methodist, died 26 January 1925, aged 52 years, born Dalby. 
19Christiansen. Norman (Nick) Christiansen. Norman (Nick)
20Christiansen. Norman (Nink) Christiansen. Norman (Nink)
Died 25th January 2004, aged 85years. 
21Curtis. James and Anna Mary Curtis. James and Anna Mary
James was buried Plymouth Brethren, he died 22nd November 1924?, aged 52years, born England.

Anna Mary Curtis was buried Gospel, she died 18th April 1942? aged 68yrs?, she was born Tiaro. 
22Deutchmann. August G Deutchmann. August G
Lutheran, died 18th July 1921 aged 46years, born Germany. 
23Deutchmann. Charles Deutchmann. Charles
Lutheran, died 5th January, 1945, aged 67years. 
Gottfried and Amalie Deutschmann. Gottfried and Amalie
Gottfried was buried Lutheran, he died 2nd August 1926, aged 80yrs, born Germany...

Amalie was buried Lutheran, she died 29th September 1909 aged 69 years. 
25Deutschmann. Florrie Deutschmann. Florrie
Lutheran, died 6th December 1945 aged 62years, born Maryborough. 
26Fitz Henry. Maria Fitz Henry. Maria
Maria died 1st February 1920. 
27Genricks. Christian Genricks. Christian
Methodist, died 18th July 1941 aged 52years, born Toowoomba. 
28Genricks.Raymond Christian Genricks.Raymond Christian
Methodist, died 6th December 1943, months old. 
29Hallett. Berttia Catterine, (nee Jensen) (later Madsen) Hallett. Berttia Catterine, (nee Jensen) (later Madsen)
Lutheran, died 11th August 1923 aged 92years, born Denmark. 
30Hansen, Christian Tostensen and his daughter
Matilda. Hansen, Christian Tostensen and his daughter Matilda.
31Hansen. Hans Hansen. Hans
Presbyterian, died 25th October 1937, aged 84years, born Denmark. 
32Hodges. Ellen Elizabeth Hodges. Ellen Elizabeth
Methodist, died 16th July 1933, aged 22years, born Pialba. 
33Jensen. Anders Jensen. Anders
Lutheran, died 12th February 1923 aged 74years, born Denmark. 
34Jensen. Mrs Madeline Jensen. Mrs Madeline
I believe Madeline to be Anders Jensen's wife.
Anders doesn't have a headstone. 
35Jensen. Roy Gordon Jensen. Roy Gordon
Church of England, died 17th September 1940, 5years, born Maryborough. 
36Jorgensen. Mavis Vera Jorgensen. Mavis Vera
Methodist, died 1 Novenber 1921, months of age, born Pialba. 
37Knudsen. Christina Knudsen. Christina
Church of England, died 31st July 1946 aged 91years, born Norway. 
38Lackon. H Lackon. H
Died 14th October 1921 aged 68years, born South Sea Islands. 
39Lindholt. Hans Peter and Maria Lindholt. Hans Peter and Maria
Hans died 25th November 1920, aged 79years.

Maria (Hans' wife) died 30th August 1896 aged 43years. 
40List, Hilda Beatrice (nee Pitts) died 14th July 1920 aged 18yrs. List, Hilda Beatrice (nee Pitts) died 14th July 1920 aged 18yrs.
41List. Albert Rosa List. Albert Rosa
Church of England, died 10th November 1944, aged 46years, born Torbanlea. 
42List. Caroline Mary List. Caroline Mary
Church of England, died 3rd October 1943 aged 70years, born Denmark. 
43List. Lars Hansen List. Lars Hansen
Methodist, died 23rd August 1934, aged 71years, born Denmark. 
44List. Queenie Pearl List. Queenie Pearl
Methodist, died 25th November 1925,
1year old, born Maryborough. 
45Lund. Carl Lund. Carl
Lutheran, died 10 September 1923, 80years, born Denmark. 
46Madsen. Christian Madsen. Christian
Brethren, died 23 July 1932 80years. born Denmark. 
47Maike, Elizabeth Maike, Elizabeth
Church of Christ, died 13th March 1932, aged 63years, born Maryborough. 
48Maike. Edward David Maike. Edward David
Church of Christ, died 22nd January 1939, aged 36yrears, born Maryborough. 
49Moes. Christian Petersen 
Moes. Kjersten Petersen Moes. Christian Petersen Moes. Kjersten Petersen
Christian was buried Lutheran, he died 28th June 1924, aged 88years, born Denmark.

Kjersten was buried Lutheran, she died 12th October 1927 aged 90years, born Denmark. 
50Moes. Jensine Christine
wife of Niels Moes. Moes. Jensine Christine wife of Niels Moes.
Methodist, died 12 July 1930 aged 61years, born Denmark.
51Moes. Jessie Moes. Jessie
Methodist, died 20 September 1929, aged 30years, born Cairns. 
52Moes. Niels Moes. Niels
Methodist, died 27th June 1962, aged 96 years, born Denmark. 
53Munkovitz. Carl Munkovitz. Carl
Lutheran, died 7th february 1919, aged 85years, born Germany. 
54Neilsen, Louise (nee Everson) passed away 11th May 1916
Neilsen, Hans, passed away 27th Jun 1918 Neilsen, Louise (nee Everson) passed away 11th May 1916 Neilsen, Hans, passed away 27th Jun 1918
55Neilsen. Selina nee Austin Neilsen. Selina nee Austin
Methodist, 27th August, 1939, aged 66years. 
56Nielsen. Peter Norgaard Nielsen. Peter Norgaard
Died 16th march 1932, aged 89years, born Denmark. 
Jens Pedersen. Jens
Brethren, died 21st January 1935, aged 86years, born Denmark. 
58Pedersen. Anna Margretha Pedersen. Anna Margretha
Lutheran, died 10 June 1906 aged 74years. 
59Pedersen. Jens M Pedersen. Jens M
Lutheran, died 13 August 1921, aged 40years, born Denmark. 
60Pedersen. Matilda Margarite (nee Hansen) Pedersen. Matilda Margarite (nee Hansen)
Wife to Jens Pedersen,
died 18th December 1909, born Denmark. 
61Pedersen. Matilda Maria Pedersen. Matilda Maria
Gospel, died 8th August 1930, aged 79years, born Denmark.
Matilda (Botilla) was the 4th wife of Jens Pedersen. 
62Petersen. Maria Petersen. Maria
Methodist, died 8th August 1928, aged 84years, born Denmark. 
63Rasmussen. Jacob K M, and Peter Rasmussen. Jacob K M, and Peter
Jacob died 8th November 1912, aged 58years.

his wife Karen died 7th February 1935 aged 67years.

and son Pte Peter Rasmussen died 10 June 1917, aged 29years, in France. 
64Sanders. Allan Sanders. Allan
Church of England, died 20th August 1937, aged 53years, born Devonshire. 
65Sanders. Isabella Sanders. Isabella
Church of England, died 16th June 1944, aged 56years, born England. 
66Schmidt. Olive Julia Schmidt. Olive Julia
Church of England, 12th July 1946, aged 56years, born Pialba. 
67Stephensen, Anders Peter & Jensine Katrine (nee Jensen) Stephensen, Anders Peter & Jensine Katrine (nee Jensen)
Jensine died 31st Jan 1911, Anders died 29 Mar 1913 
68Stephensen, Jensine Marie (nee Schmidt) Stephensen, Jensine Marie (nee Schmidt)
Lutheran, buried, 26th August 1921, aged 67years, born Denmark. 
69Stephensen. Rasmine Stephensen. Rasmine
Methodist, died 27th August 1932, aged 70years, born Denmark.
(This record was from the Hervey Bay Council. I don't know if Rasmine was buried with her 2nd husband Rosa or with her first husband. She is remembered by her family on the Berthelsen monument). 
70Stephensen. Rosa Conrad & Julia (nee Christiansen) Stephensen. Rosa Conrad & Julia (nee Christiansen)
Methodist, died 29th July 1935, aged 82years, born Denmark.
Julia (nee Christiansen) died 17th May 1918 
71Taylor. William Henry and

Taylor. Mrs Bertha B F Taylor. William Henry and Taylor. Mrs Bertha B F
William was buried Church of England, he died 27th August 1942 aged 64years, born Maryborough.

Bertha was buried Methodist she died 27th January 1960, aged 79years, she was born Nikenbah. Bertha was Williams wife. 
72Tench. John and
Tench. Mrs Mary Tench. John and Tench. Mrs Mary
John was buried Methodist, he died 27th August 1931 aged 79years born England.

Mary wasburied Methodist, she died 16th January 1927, aged 72years and 6 months, she was born Nottingham. 
73Tweed. Elizabeth Jane Tweed. Elizabeth Jane
Methodist, died 29th March, 1935, aged 64years, born Gympie. 
74Wood. Robert Wood. Robert
Died 4th March 1931, aged 73years, born Eden, NSW. 
75Wright. George Wilson and Eliza Wright. George Wilson and Eliza
Both were buried Methodist, George died 18th November 1934, aged 72years, born England.

Eliza died 14th March 1934, aged 58years, born England. 

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