Witta or Teutoburgh Cemetery via Maleny, Caloundra

Witta or Teutoburgh Cemetery via Maleny, Caloundra

This is not complete, work is in progress. Please if anyone has further information on any families, please contact us. Would love photos to add and any histories.


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Adamson, Hazel Joan (nee Stockwell) Alexander, Wallace Noelan Ansell, Stephen John Aplin, William & Betty Bailey, Esther (nee Morrisson) Ball, Charles Edward Ball, Charles Edward & Violet Agnes Ball, Charles Edward (Pte) Ball, Elizabeth
 - Died 23rd April 1931, aged 13 yrs. Ball, John, Alice, John & Meryl
Ball, Raymond (Snow) Ball, Terence George Ball, Valmai June Ball, Violet Agnes Mrs Barbour, Lois Emilie Barker, William John & Barbara Joy Barron, Mrs. Elsie Olive Barry, Glenda Marjorie, (nee Tesch) Beausang, Elizabeth Lena (nee Diggins) Beausang, Richard George
Beausang, Richard George Jnr Beausang, William Henry Beavis, Roy Belsey, George Benecke, Mark Walter Bergann, Hermine E Bergann, Leslie Clarence Bergann, Otto Herman & Adeline Ernestine Bergann, Wilhelm Black, Yvonne Maria nee Mulcahy
Blacklaw, Charles Blanch, Raymond (Rae) Bochow, Annie (nee Otto) Bochow, Henry Frederick William Boon, Gordon Ernest Bowden, Michael James Bradford, Reginald Beven Briggs, Emily Clara
 - Died 31st January, 1932. Brooker, Albert Durwood Brooker, Annie May
Brooker, Mrs Dahne Frances Brooker, Harold Charles Brooker, Mrs Joyce Clarice Brooker, Peter Jody Brooker, William Obed Huntley Brown, Ivan Robinson Bruce, Donald Buchanan, Charles
 - Born 21st October 1921.
Died 4th May 1935. Bundesen, Kathleen (nee Pearson) Bundesen, Peter Christian, (Paul)
Burgum, Timothy Burgum, William Frederick Burgum, William George Burnett, Ena Margaret Mrs Burnett, Francis Maurice Burnett, Rixson & Margaret Wiley (Peggy){nee McLean} Byrnes, Thomas Byrnes, Thomas Bryce, Anthony William Bryce, Wesley Thomas
Caddies, Edwin George Caine, Nell Campbell, Andrew John Campbell, Andrew John Duncan & Jes May Glen (nee Burke) Campbell, Carolyn Campbell, Jess May Glen, (nee Burke) Carbery, Emma, (nee Oehmichen) Carbery, Harold Joseph, & Blanche Catherine (nee Donnelly) Carbery, Sgt HJ Carr, Jacob Cyril
Carr, Jacob Cyril Cassells, Mrs Elsie ( Fay) Cassells, Elsie (Fay) Charlton, Alistair C Clancy, Ellen (nee Burn) Clancy, Leo Daniel Clancy, Leo Daniel Clark, Kevan Jack Clark, Samuel Closkey, Patrick Joseph
Cole, Roy Collard, Edina Annie Irene (nee Cooke) Collard, Flora,  nee Murdock Collard, William Alfred Conley, David Cooke, Mrs Bremner Sutherland Cooke, Warden A K (Joe) Cool, Sydney Paul Cooper, Brian Robert Copley, Patrick Real
Cork, Aubrey Thomas Cork, Gladys Eleanor Cork, Henrietta Grace (nee Chandler) Cork, James Rodney Cork, Kristen Nicole. 
Born 7th May 1991, returned to the Father 7 days later, on 2nd June 1991. Cork, Leslie Ashton Cork, Michael James Cork, Peter J Corker, Graham Ronald Cosford, Arthur Leonard & Doris Louisa (nee Tootell)

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