Beechworth, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Ada Ann  1888Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9568
2 Ashby, Charles  1901Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9572
3 Ashby, Frederick Charles  1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9567
4 Collins, Alfred James Jackson  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I13675
5 Collins, Sidney Adolphus Henry  1866Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I13685
6 Cranston, Albert Harold  1901Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11345
7 Cunningham, Ethel Beatrice  1877Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9587
8 Cunningham, Jessie Sophia  1872Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9586
9 Cunningham, John Livingstone  1867Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9584
10 Cunningham, Robert Hector  1866Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9583
11 Cunningham, William Alfred  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9585
12 Gimeson, George Cox  1859Beechworth, victoria, Australia I9440
13 Gimeson, John James  1857Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9439
14 Schmidt, Amy Lillian Cull Quinn  1876Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9508
15 Schmidt, Hector Ferninand  1874Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9493
16 Schmidt, Richard Ernest  1872Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9492
17 Scott, Ada  1870Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9578
18 Sinclair, Florence May  1918Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9621
19 Sinclair, Fredrick Harold  1890Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9482
20 Sinclair, Keith Stanley  3 Sep 1918Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9637
21 Sinclair, Lionel Robert Roy  14 Jan 1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9605
22 Sinclair, Lyall  12 Aug 1922Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9694
23 Sinclair, Oswald Alexander  5 Jun 1920Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9622
24 Sinclair, Russell  28 Oct 1924Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9695
25 Sinclair, Sandra Denise  Abt 1946Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9642
26 Sinclair, William  1904Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9604
27 Sinclair, William  19 May 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9696
28 Taylor, Arthur Frederick  1882Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9503
29 Taylor, Charles Loaring  1876Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9512
30 Taylor, Douglas Campbell  1887Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9509
31 Taylor, Ernest  1879Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9511
32 Taylor, Florence  1885Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9510
33 Taylor, Gimeson Francis  1873Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9498
34 Taylor, Lillian Francis  1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9502
35 Taylor, Marion Constance  1875Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9499
36 Taylor, Thomas  1884Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9504
37 Tozer, Lydia  1865Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9600
38 Worner, John Cox Gimeson  1875Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cunningham, John Livingstone  1868Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9584
2 Cunningham, William Alfred  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9585
3 Gimeson, Docea/Doceah Jane  1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9423
4 Gimeson, George Cox  1859Beechworth, victoria, Australia I9440
5 Gimeson, John James  1858Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9439
6 Gimeson, Madeline Elspith  1861Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9442
7 Gimson/Gimeson, John Cox  17 Jan 1868Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9425
8 Hill, Mary Ann  1941Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I5790
9 Hopkins, Mary Winter  1924Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9610
10 James, Elspeth  1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9426
11 Scott, Ada  1935Beechworth, Victoria, Australia  I9578
12 Sinclair, Alexander  4 Aug 1939Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9513
13 Sinclair, Horace  20 Nov 1914Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9633
14 Sinclair, Richard Eric  1917Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9620
15 Sinclair, Sandra Denise  1960Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9642
16 Sinclair, William  22 May 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9696
17 Sinclair, William John  23 Oct 1961Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9523
18 Smith, Henrietta Jane  18 Oct 1964Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9615
19 Stephensen, Alfred Julius  1936Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I6129
20 Sutherland, Eva  10 Jun 1961Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9630
21 Taylor, Anne  1885Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9505
22 Taylor, Lillian Francis  1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9502
23 Tozer, John Henry  1880Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9609
24 Woodford/Whitford, James Joseph  1877Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9433


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cunningham / McLean  16 Jun 1865Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3300
2 Walbank / Collins  Dec 1870Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F4802
3 Woodford/Whitford / James  11 Nov 1868Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3253
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