Wooroolin near Kingaroy


1922 Electorial Roll

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1922 Electorial Roll    Person ID 
1 Jessen, Hans Peter  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4233

Queensland Electoral Roll

Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Queensland Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 Allen, Margaret Agnes  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5046
2 Brennan, Cecelia Mary  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4676
3 Brennan, Cecelia Mary  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4676
4 Bundesen, Matilda Christina  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I3659
5 Deem, Arthur Edwin  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5071
6 Graham, Grace Darling  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5056
7 Hogg, Martha Jane  1919 & 1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4646
8 Jessen, Andreas Peter  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I3663
9 Jessen, Alice Mary  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5043
10 Jessen, Andrew Frederick  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I3660
11 Jessen, Andrew Gordon  1943 - 1954Wooroolin near Kingaroy I7755
12 Jessen, Andrew Peter  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4177
13 Jessen, Andrew Peter  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4177
14 Jessen, Anna Sophia Fredericka  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4178
15 Jessen, Catherine Maud  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4183
16 Jessen, Christian Johannsen  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4238
17 Jessen, Hans Peter  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4233
18 Jessen, Jack Sophus/Sophas  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4185
19 Jessen, John Karsten  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4239
20 Jessen, John Karsten  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4239
21 Jessen, Ludwig Martin  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4237
22 Jessen, Ludwig Martin  1919 & 1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4237
23 Jessen, Minnie Caroline  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4182
24 Jessen, William George  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5044
25 Klee, Emma Martha  1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4606
26 Klee, Emma Martha  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4606
27 Miller, Edith  1913 & 1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4623
28 Moore, Ellen Marie [Helen],  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4649
29 Moore, Ellen Marie [Helen],  1919 & 1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4649
30 Quail, Roy  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5045
31 Quail, Thomas  1913 &1919Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5055
32 Quail, Thomas  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5055
33 Quail, William Thomas  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5057
34 Shannon, Arthur Joseph  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I4613
35 Tinkler, Eliza/Lizzie  1913Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5041
36 Tinkler, Eliza/Lizzie  1925Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5041
37 Tinkler, Eliza/Lizzie  1936Wooroolin near Kingaroy I5041
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