Wide Bay, Maleny


Electoral Roll

Matches 1 to 50 of 221

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 Friederiki Margaret Wilhelmine Johanna  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2131
2 Alcorn, Jack / John  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I499
3 Alcorn, Norman  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2126
4 Alderdice, John  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2127
5 Allen-Waters, Reginald  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2108
6 Andrew, Mrs Ann Wallace  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2130
7 Andrew, Archibald  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2129
8 Aplin, Arthur Harold  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I292
9 Aplin, Arthur Harold  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I292
10 Aplin, Harold Alford  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I335
11 Aplin, William Henry - of Cloverdale, Maleny  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I296
12 Aplin, William Henry - of Cloverdale, Maleny  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I296
13 Armitage, Jack Cleve  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2132
14 Armitage, Mrs Janet  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2133
15 Armstrong, Jack Campbell  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2134
16 Auld, Jane  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I405
17 Bailey, Trissie  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2135
18 Ball, William  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I789
19 Bartlett, Stephen  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I1
20 Bartlett, Stephen  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I1
21 Beck, Eugenie Selina  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I7
22 Beck, Eugenie Selina  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I7
23 Benfer, Anna  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2153
24 Berndt, Augusta Friedrike Caroline  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I784
25 Bird, Ethel Rose  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I426
26 Bobermien, Anna Elizabeth  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I790
27 Brack, Jane  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I22
28 Brack, Jane  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I22
29 Brosnan, Ellen  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I124
30 Brosnan, Ellen  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I124
31 Brown, Samson  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I3
32 Brown, Samson  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I3
33 Brown, Thomas Samson  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I6
34 Brown, Thomas Samson  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I6
35 Bryce, Alexander  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I357
36 Bryce, Alexander John  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I343
37 Bryce, Vernon Clarence  1936Wide Bay, Maleny I345
38 Bryce, William Alexander  1936Wide Bay, Maleny I348
39 Burguin, William G  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I359
40 Burgum, Timothy - Blacksmith  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I2647
41 Burton, Matilda Roumie  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I428
42 Cambage, Walter  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I360
43 Champion, Mary Ann  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I207
44 Chandler, Henrietta Grace  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I379
45 Cokley, John  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I21
46 Cokley, John  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I21
47 Cole, Robert  1903Wide Bay, Maleny I28
48 Cole, Robert  1905Wide Bay, Maleny I28
49 Collard, Alfred  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I439
50 Collard, Jean Ingall  1925Wide Bay, Maleny I447

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Queensland Electoral Roll

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Queensland Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 Nothling, Elsa Adelaide  1936Wide Bay, Maleny I516
2 Pampling, Arthur Edwin / Arthur Edward  1936Wide Bay, Maleny I520
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