Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addison, Ann  Abt 1849Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1394
2 Addison, Anne  Abt 1878Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I757
3 Addison, Charles  21 Mar 1827Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
4 Addison, Charles  Abt 1883Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1148
5 Addison, Isabella  Abt 1879Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1616
6 Addison, Isobella  Abt 1853Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I963
7 Addison, James  1842Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I622
8 Addison, James  Abt 1877Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1440
9 Addison, Jean  Abt 1850Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1149
10 Addison, Robert  16 Oct 1828Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I15
11 Christie, Anne  Abt 1849Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Addison, James  12 Jun 1808Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Addison, Alexander  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I344
2 Addison, Alexander  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I344
3 Addison, Alexander  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I175
4 Addison, Alexander  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I344
5 Addison, Ann  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1394
6 Addison, Ann  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1624
7 Addison, Anne  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I757
8 Addison, Charles  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
9 Addison, Charles  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
10 Addison, Charles  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
11 Addison, Charles  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
12 Addison, Charles  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
13 Addison, Charles  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1148
14 Addison, Charles  1901Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I481
15 Addison, Isabella  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I306
16 Addison, Isabella  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1616
17 Addison, James  1841Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I254
18 Addison, James  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I254
19 Addison, James  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I559
20 Addison, James  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I622
21 Addison, James  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I254
22 Addison, James  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I559
23 Addison, James  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1676
24 Addison, James  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I254
25 Addison, James  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I559
26 Addison, James  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1676
27 Addison, James  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I559
28 Addison, James  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1440
29 Addison, Jean  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1149
30 Addison, Jean  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1149
31 Addison, John  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
32 Addison, John  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I423
33 Addison, John  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
34 Addison, John  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I423
35 Addison, John  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
36 Addison, John  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I423
37 Addison, John  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
38 Addison, John  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
39 Addison, John  1901Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I595
40 Addison, Margaret Ann  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I756
41 Addison, Margaret Ann  1861Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I756
42 Addison, Margaret Ann  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I756
43 Addison, Margaret Ann  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I756
44 Addison, William  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1087
45 Addison, William  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1087
46 Addison, William  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1087
47 Christie, Anne  1871Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I797
48 Christie, Anne  1881Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I797
49 Christie, Anne  1891Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I797
50 Cockburn, Ann  1851Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I1352

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Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Addison / Farquharson  1 May 1853Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland F185
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