Pauline/Pouline Marie Stub

Female 1850 - 1880  (29 years)

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  • Name Pauline/Pouline Marie Stub 
    Born 15 Nov 1850  Vallensbæk, København Amt, København, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Vallensbæk Sogn
      Opslag 31
      (Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet- Rigsarkivet)

      København, København (Staden), Haveselskabetsvej, Frederiksberg, 25e, 398413, FT-1880, C2277
      Laurits Thorning Engelstoft, 39, Gift, Overretssagfører, Fødested, København
      Justine Stub, 30, Gift, Hans hustru, Fødested, Vallensbæk, Kbh. Amt
      Christian Thorning Engelstoft, 3, Deres barn, Fødested, København
      Ingeborg Engelstoft, 2, Ugift, Deres barn, Fødested, København
      Grethe Nicoline Engelstoft, ½, Deres barn, Fødested, København
      (Dansk Demografisk Database-Rigsarkivet- Folketællinger)

      København, København (Staden), Frederiksvej (Frederiksberg)(Ulige numre, Frederiksberg, Frederiks Vej 5, 2.Sal, 2, FT-1885, D3938
      Laurits Thorneding !! Engelstoft, 44, Enkemand, Husfader, Overretssagfører, Fødested, Kjøbenhavn
      Kristian Thorneding Engelstoft, 8, Barn, Fødested, Kjøbenhavn
      Ingeborg Engelstoft, 7, Barn, Fødested, Kjøbenhavn
      (Dansk Demografisk Database-Rigsarkivet- Folketællinger

      Carl Frederik Stub, Glostrup, Smørum, København, Denmark
      Nicoline Frederikke Kieler

      København, Smørum, Glostrup, Glostrup By, Præstegaarden, 114, FT-1860, D5170
      Carl Frederik Stub, 55, Gift, Sognepræst, Fødested, Kjøbenhavn
      Nicoline Frederikke Kieler, 50, Gift, hans Hustru Fødested, Assens
      Caroline Stub, 21, Ugift, deres Datter, Fødested, Holbæk
      Christian Engelstoft Stub, 20, Ugift, deres Søn, Fødested, Holbæk
      Pauline Marie Stub, 10, deres Datter, Fødested, Vallensbæk
      Carl Johannes Stub, 8, deres Søn, Fødested, Vallensbæk
      (Dansk Demografisk Database-Rigsarkivet- Folketællinger

      (Google Translation)

      Glostrup Pastoral History
      By Knud Langberg (Glostrup Præstehistorie 1570-1950, published in Glostrupbogen)
      13. Carl Frederik Stub. 1858-1892
      Born in Copenhagen on 10 May 1805. Died in Glostrup Præstegaard on 12 March 1892. Son of Hørkræmmer, Stadsvrager Joh. Fr. Stub and Wife Pouline Nicolette Aulum. Student 1826. Candidate with haud illaudabilis in January 1832. Teacher of Danish for Frederik VI's Overkammerjunker, Alfonso d'Aguirre et Cadea Count Yoldir 6 years employed in the University Directorate's Secretariat. Ordained Katheket and Evening Priest in Holbæk on 10 March 1838. Ordained for this Office on 30 March 1838. Parish Priest in Vallensbæk on 22 November. 1841. Parish priest to Glostrup on 21 Sept. 1858. Knight of Dannebrog 1885. Married in Frue Kirke in Copenhagen on 14 June 1838 to Nicoline Frederikke Kieler, born in Assens on 23 June 1810, died in Glostrup Præstegaard on 30 March 1884. Daughter of War Commissioner Jens Benzon Kieler and Wife Lene Marie Just 1)

      Carl Frederik Stub was born under very even conditions. The father was a linen merchant in Copenhagen and ran the business "Vinkanden" in Vestergade, but had lost all his property during the bombing of Copenhagen. He put his son in apprenticeship in his shop, but when the trade did not satisfy him, he took up the book and became under poverty and hard struggle for his existence a student from the Metropolitan School in 1826, already 5 years later he became a theological candidate, but certainly also with 2. Grade. After a short time as a priest in Holbæk, he was called to Vallensbæk in 1841 as parish priest, to which he was entitled due to his kinship with the legatee, Etatsraad Nissen, and from Vallensbæk the natural road went to Glostrup parish when its vacancy in 1858. Stub is that is, the fourth Glostrup priest, who had previously held the vocation in Vallensbæk.The right of patronage had admittedly been abolished in 1849, so that Etatsraad Nissen's provision in the royal confirmed the foundations of 1760 and 1764 that the priest in Vallensbæk, when Glostrup Kald became vacant, had the right to move to Glostrup, probably no longer valid. But one has nevertheless been able to follow the old rule, especially since Stub was a man whose energy and power there could be no discussion about.
      When Glostrup vicarage was taken over, it was so completely dilapidated that a complete rebuilding became inevitably necessary, and Stub then began his ministry by building the vicarage as early as the summer of 1859, which lasted until 1905, when a fire in his successor's office destroyed it. For this purpose he had to take up the office loan for a total of 5,000 rigsdaler, which came to weigh heavily on the vocation a large part of his time 2).
      An inspection of the newly built vicarage may be of interest in this connection. It is stated in it:
      ,, 1859, d. 18. Septbr. A survey was held of Glostrup Præstegaard, which at the time of the survey carried out during the summer was being rebuilt, but has now been completed, and there were:
      1. The farmhouse with gables to the south and north has been rebuilt in accordance with the approved drawing, and the work was found to have been carried out properly in every respect. The building, which was divided into 25 subjects, was valued at 190 Rigsdaler per. Subject or 4,750 Rd.
      2. The northern building, of which 9 subjects were rebuilt and arranged for a church hall, corridor and utility room with derivative well, was also found rebuilt and arranged according to the approved drawing and employees per. Subjects to 40 Rd. or 360
      3. The southern Do., which has been built for new materials, masonry and timberwork with a thatched roof, divided into 18 sections, and arranged for a chopping and burning house, 2 stables for 8 horses and 6 cows, men's room, peat house and wheelhouse, which Building for a part is provided with Board Ceiling, is set at 50 Rd. pr. Subject or 900 Rd. It is noted that there is no approved drawing for this building, but that it has been erected appropriately and soundly in every respect.
      4. An entrance gate of boards with 2 pillars and associated wall, which forms a fence for the yard, is placed according to the drawing and is set at 100 Rd. (NB a Do. for the same Amount was still incomplete, later listed) 100 ?
      6,210 Rd.
      From this view and the assessment made it appears that the parish priest has used far more than the sum granted to him for the execution of the work ?3).
      Now the outer framework was in order for Pastor Stubb's work, and from here he came to practice a deed which was considered by his contemporaries to be beautiful and significant. He was interested in the well-being of his parishioners and always had an open hand for those in need. He was, especially in his younger years, a considerable preacher, who preached the word with power and beauty, and as an occasional speaker he was incomparable, perhaps the most excellent in Denmark 4).
      Pastor Stub had already during his tenure in Vallensbæk served as chairman of the parish council and was also given this task in Glostrup, which he contested until 1879 5). The construction of a school in Glostrup; where before 1876 there had been no school, was due in large part to his efforts through the parish council. He was also the soul of the extensive restoration of Glostrup Church, so that both inside and out it came to appear as one of the most respectable and beautiful village churches on Zealand.
      In the same years he also carried out the first extension of Glostrup Cemetery, as he applied for and under 31 Decbr. In 1875, permission was granted to relinquish to Glostrup Kirkegaard's extension an up to the cemetery adjacent plot of land of Præstegaarden's land with an area of 5260 square meters for an annual fee of 4½ Tdr. Build according to the Chapter Rate for the Priesthood. It is the piece of land located north of Præstegaardshaven 6).
      Pastor Stub, who in his 70th year was awarded the Knight's Cross as a reward for his beautiful public efforts, became especially decrepit, especially after his wife's death in 1884, and from 1888 he had to let a significant part of the office be served by chaplains. These held the church life together to some degree. But the churchyard in Stubbs last year became extremely poor, so that e.g. The altar passage from approx. 600 altar guests in 1862 at his death were approximately halved, which appears from the statistics on the number of altar guests, which year by year are listed in the Call Boo
      Then Pastor Stub finally died in 1892 after holding the priesthood for over 54 years. At his death he was the oldest priest in the country. The death is entered in the church register by his chaplain from 1889-1892, FL Høeg, the later parish priest in Svendborg, who is still alive, 93 years old. The funeral was conducted by the County Provost, L. Koch of Brønshøj, who was to become Stubbs' successor in office.
      1) Elvius' Præstehistorie og Nedergaard: Dansk Præste- og Sognehistorie.
      2) Glostrup Kaldsbog,
      3) Smørum Herreds Synsprotokol.
      4) Obituary in Berl. Time. 14-3-1892.
      5) Glostrup-Bogen II, Pag. 23.
      6) Letter from the Diocesan Authority in the Parish Priest's Archiv

    Christened 9 Dec 1850  Vallensbæk, København Amt, København, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Female 
    Died 31 Oct 1880  Frederiksberg, København, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Frederiksberg Sogn
      Deaths 1880-1882 Female (Død Kvinder)
      Opslag 15, death 211
      Pouline MarieEngelstoft nee Stub died, 31 Oct 1880, buried, 5 Nov 1880, aged 30 years. Overretssagfører Engelstoft's wife (Hustru) Haveselsikabet 3
      (Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet - Rigsarkivet)

      Pouline died of Typhoid Fever

    Buried 5 Nov 1880  København, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I17605  Hickey, List, Bundesen, Thomsen, Jensen, Jessen
    Last Modified 24 Apr 2021 

    Family Laurids Thorning Engelstoft,   b. 8 Sep 1840, Kjøbenhavn, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Frederiksberg, Kjøbenhavn, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married 28 May 1875  Glostrup Kirke, København, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Glostrup Sogn
      1870-1874 (Births and Marriages)
      Opslag 95
      28 May 1875
      Laurits Thorning Engelstoft and Pauline Marie Stub

      (Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet - Rigsarkivet)

     1. Christian Thorning Engelstoft,   b. 12 Mar 1876, København , Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 6 Jun 1944, Frederiksberg, København , Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 68 years)
     2. Ingeborg Engelstoft,   b. 29 Mar 1877, København , Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location
     3. Grethe Nicoline Engelstoft,   b. Abt 1880, København , Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location
    Last Modified 23 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6300  Group Sheet

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