Niels Andersen Serup

Male - 1730

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  • Name Niels Andersen Serup 
    • Sønderho Kro

      1722 Niels Andersen Seerup (1687-1730)

      Probable son of parish priest Anders Nielsen Seerup, Bryndum - Vester Nebel , provost in Skads Herreds Provsti . Brother of birch judge Joen Andersen Seerup , Hunderup Birch . [12]

      Probably built the 1722 inn consisting of 2 houses on resp. 12 subjects and 6 subjects.

      Lived 1723 in Hjerting and 1725 in Strandby , where he died. The estate was quite bankrupt. [13]

      1722 Otte Sophie Seerup , b. Engelstoft (1692-1742)

      Sønderho Kro

      1712 Anna Engelstoft , b. Pedersdatter Grønholt (-1722)

      Probable daughter of parish priest Peder Jensen Grønholt (-1679), Bryndum - Vester Nebel

      The widow leased the inn to Jes Bonnesen from 1719-1722 . [11]
      3.Otte Sophie Engelstoft , born 1722 with her cousin Niels Andersen Seerup

      Riberhus county probate extract
      1718 - 1796
      Prepared by Erik Brejl. Ribesvej 3. 6950 Ringkøbing.
      In the probate extracts, the deceased, heirs, guardians, guardians and other specified family relations are stated, and reference is made to probate after previous spouses. However, the guardian and guardian are not stated if they are already stated as family, just as the place of employment is not stated for heirs. No personal register has been prepared, but personal names are standardized, e.g. both Laurs, Lars and Las are stated as Laurids, however, the name Lassen is stated in the case of estate persons. The spelling of place names follows Trap's 5th edition. Information in square brackets is not found in the current text, but is found in the church register, in censuses or elsewhere in the probate protocol. Reference is made to the folio, however, no reference is made to the resumption of the shift if it takes place in immediate continuation of the previous one.

      The following abbreviations are used:
      A: heir / heirs
      B: child / children
      E: widow / widower
      FM: guardian
      gm: married to:
      lbn .: serial number
      months: months
      LV: guardian
      sst .: same place

      Probate protocol 1730-1743
      B 9 - 1213

      4 Niels Andersen Serup in Strandby in Jerne parish. 27.5.1730, page 14.
      E: Otte Sofie Engelstoft. LV: deceased's brother Joen Serup, birch judge in Hunderup birch. B:
      1) Anne Cathrine Nielsdatter Serup 10
      2) Elisabeth Nielsdatter Serup 7.
      1 uncle Peder Serup in Estrup mill on Zealand
      2 uncle Søren Serup in Copenhagen.
      Inheritance from the widow's mother Anne [Nielsdatter Struck]. E: Christian [Olufsen] Engelstoft, priest at Sønderho on Fanø to the widow's siblings:
      1 Eberhardine Elisabeth Engelstoft
      2 Anne Engelstoft
      3 Christine Engelstoft, deceased. 1st
      Hans Schack
      4 Oluf Christian Engelstoft, deceased. The widow in Brøndum.
    Gender Male 
    Died 27 May 1730 
    Person ID I17460  Hickey, List, Bundesen, Thomsen, Jensen, Jessen
    Last Modified 14 Apr 2021 

    Family Otte Sophie Engelstoft,   d. 1742 
     1. Anne Cathrine Nielsdatter Serup
     2. Elisabeth Nielsdatter Serup
    Last Modified 14 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6253  Group Sheet

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