Hans Nielsen


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  • Name Hans Nielsen 
    • Kerteminde Byfoged 1635-1744 (1753)
      Nielsen, Hans - raadmand, his wife Mette Jensdatter 22.2.1661, 71 (married 1 Jens ..., married 2 Evert ... )

      Kerteminde Byfoged
      1650-1710 og 1753

      1650-1710 and 1753
      Prepared by Erik Brejl. Ribesvej 3. 6950 Ringkøbing.
      The probate extracts state the deceased, heirs, guardian, guardian and other specified family relations, and reference is made to probate after previous spouses. However, the guardian and guardian are not stated if they are already stated as family, just as the place of employment is not stated for heirs. No personal register has been prepared but personal names are standardized, e.g. both Laurs, Lars and Las are stated as Laurids, however a distinction is made between the names Lassen and Lauridsen. The spelling of place names follows Trap's 5th edition. Information in square brackets is not found in the current text, but is found in the church register, in censuses or elsewhere in the probate protocol. Reference is made to the page, however, no reference is made to the resumption of the shift if it takes place in immediate continuation of the previous one.

      A: heir / heirs
      B: child / children
      E: widow / widower
      FM: guardian
      gm: married to
      lbn .: serial number
      months: months
      LV: guardian

      29 Mette Jensdatter in Kerteminde. 22.2.1661, fol.71.
      E: Hans Nielsen, councilor. A:
      1) [brother?] Laurids Jensen [Tausen], priest in Mesinge
      2) [brother?] Christen Jensen
      3) [half-sister?] Maren Evertsdatter gm Carsten Hansen, baker
      4) [half-sister?] Cathrine Evertsdatter
      5) Karen Lauridsdatter , widow of Oluf [Olufsen] Bagger, [customs officer in Kerteminde]. change 10.8.1660, ended 16.12.1664 lbnr.54

      29 Mette Jensdatter i Kerteminde. 22.2.1661, fol.71.
      E: Hans Nielsen, rådmand. A:
      1) [bror?] Laurids Jensen [Tausen], præst i Mesinge
      2) [bror?] Christen Jensen
      3) [halvsøster?] Maren Evertsdatter g.m. Carsten Hansen, bager
      4) [halvsøster?] Cathrine Evertsdatter
      5) Karen Lauridsdatter, enke efter Oluf [Olufsen] Bagger, [tolder i Kerteminde]. skifte 10.8.1660, sluttet 16.12.1664 lbnr.54
    Gender Male 
    Person ID I17436  Hickey, List, Bundesen, Thomsen, Jensen, Jessen
    Last Modified 10 Apr 2021 

    Family Mette Jensdatter Tausen 
    Last Modified 10 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6241  Group Sheet

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