Oluf Christian Engelstoft

Male Abt 1636 - 1713  (~ 77 years)

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  • Name Oluf Christian Engelstoft 
    Born Abt 1636  Engelstofte, Næsby, Præstø, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
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      Engelstoft, The Engelstoft family is traced back to Christen Pedersen in Engelstofte, Næsby parish, Tybjerg county, in the early 17th century, whose son Oluf Christensen Engelstoft (1636-1712) became councilor in Ribe and innkeeper in Hjerting. His son was Provost Laurits Struch Engelstoft.
      The historian Laurits Engelstoft (1774-1851) was married to Magdalene Cathrine Estrup (1786-1878), daughter of Rector Peder Estrup .
      Th. Hauch-Fausbøll: Patriciske slægter V, 1930 66-94.

      Sønderho Kro
      1685 Oluf Christian Engelstoft (1636-1712)
      Born in Bråby on South Zealand as the son of the farmer Christen Pedersen and Ellen Olsdatter, Engelstofte, Næsby parish.
      Married to Mette Christensdatter Raabsted. As a widower married to Margrete Andersdatter Klyne (1651-1688), daughter of Anders Jensen Guldsmed and Karen Jacobsdatter Harboe, Ribe. In 1697, her brother Jens made the altarpiece for Sønderho Church. As a widower married in 1689 to Anne Pedersdatter Grønholt.

      In 1670 he became a citizen of Ribe, in 1685 he was an assistant to the diocesan clerk and from 1702 a councilor .
      He also had Gredstedbro Kro in his possession, and in 1688 received permission to set up a pub in Strandby and in 1690 in Hjerting . [7] [8] [9] [10]
      Buried in Ribe Cathedral .

      2. Christian Olufsen Engelstoft (1670-1742), priest in Sønderho , innkeeper, mill owner etc.

      2. Margrethe Elisabeth Engelstoft , g. With Peder Gallesen (-1693) and as a widow g. 1701 with Anders Clausen (1676-1740), she was innkeeper on Fanø, probably in Nordby
      1712 Anna Engelstoft , b. Pedersdatter Grønholt (-1722)
      Probable daughter of parish priest Peder Jensen Grønholt (-1679), Bryndum - Vester Nebel
      The widow leased the inn to Jes Bonnesen from 1719-1722 . [11]

      3. Eight Sophie Engelstoft , born 1722 with her cousin Niels Andersen Seerup
      (Sønderho Kro)

      Film 528709 from the National Archives
      Jutland registers collected extracts in

      Oluf Christian Engeltofts, letter at a pub in Jerne parish, Strandby or Bollersager, on the way to Hjerting, that must be arranged.
      According to Oluf Christian Engelstoft, a resident of our market town Ribe, his most humble application and petition, we have most graciously granted and allowed that in addition to the two inns, he in Sønderho parish on Fanø and by Gredstedbro, here in Riberhus county in fixed gardens, must have decorated and kept are hostels and pubs in Jerne parish, Strandby or Bollersager, on the way to Hjerting, with good accommodation, as well as food, wine and beer for the travelers, and others as it might need and desire, however, that thus by law , and our in such cases, the end ordinances, in every way duly the relationship etc. Ribe 7 October 1689

      Sønderho Kro
      Sønderho Kro is a Royal Privileged Inn since 1722 in Sønderho on Fanø . The listed inn is one of Denmark's oldest and best-preserved inns, located a few meters from the dike with a view of the marsh and the Wadden Sea . 1977 a new room wing is built. There is a restaurant with 13 rooms and meeting rooms. The foundation of the inn's cuisine is the regional products such as lamb, oysters, wild herbs and berries, and inspiration from nature and the Wadden Sea.

      The history of the inn
      Sønderho was a crossing point to Ribe and Mandø . Often the crossing was prevented by storm and storm, forcing people to stay involuntarily. The first licensee for this inn is Jørgen Frandsen in Ribe and his wife Margrethe Andersdatter, who on 27 October 1664 received a license to run an inn in Sønderho. About the location of the inn in Sønderho before 1722, there are today no definite clues.

      On April 20, 1685, Oluf Christian Engelstoft and his wife Margrethe Klyne take over the letter of commitment to "Synderhoe krou".

      1722 Engelstoft's daughter Otte Sophie Engelstoft inherits the grant in 1722, when her mother dies. On 2 May 1722, she had a new tavern built in Sønderho. The reason why Otte Sophie has a new inn built is probably that the old inn had become too secluded.

      In 1728, Otte Sophie Engelstoft sells Sønderho Kro to Peder Hansen Brinch, who thereby acquires the title deed to the inn, but Otte Sophie still retains the license. Upon her death in 1742, he applied for it himself, and received the grant on August 20, 1742.
    Gender Male 
    Died 20 Mar 1713  Ribe, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Ribe
      Town Clerk Probate extract 1646-1814

      Prepared by Erik Brejl. Ribesvej 3. 6950 Ringkøbing.
      In the probate extracts, the deceased, heirs, guardians, guardians and other specified family relations are stated, and reference is made to probate after previous spouses. However, the guardian and guardian are not stated if they are already stated as family, just as the place of employment is not stated for heirs. No personal register has been prepared but personal names are standardized, e.g. both Laurs, Lars and Las are stated as Laurids, however a distinction is made between the names Lassen and Lauridsen. The spelling of place names follows Trap's 5th edition. Information in square brackets is not found in the current text, but is found in the church register, in censuses or elsewhere in the probate protocol. Reference is made to the page, however, no reference is made to the resumption of the shift if it takes place in immediate continuation of the previous one.

      The following abbreviations are used:
      A: heir / heirs
      B: child / children
      E: widow / widower
      FM: guardian
      gm: married
      lbn .: serial number
      months: months
      LV: guardian
      sst .: same place

      Ribe bailiff
      roll over
      B-85A 122

      637 Oluf Christian Engelstoft, councilor in Ribe. 20.3.1713, fol.24B.
      E: Anne Pedersdatter Grønholt. LV: sister's husband Anders [Nielsen] Serup, priest in Brøndum [and Vester Nebel]. B:
      11) Anne Sofie Engelstoft
      12) Eberhardine Elisabeth Engelstoft
      13) Anne Engelstoft.
      First marriage to Mette Christensdatter [Ravsted]. B:
      1) Christian Engelstoft, priest in Sønderho
      2) Peder Engelstoft
      3) Karen Engelstoft
      4) Anne Engelstoft.
      Second marriage to Margrethe Andersdatter Klyne. B:
      5) Ellen Engelstoft gm Peder [Frederiksen] Kragelund, priest in Haderup
      6) Karen Engelstoft
      7) Martha Engelstoft gm Peder Christensen at Transmose
      8) Christine Engelstoft gm Hans Frederik Christoffersen
      9) Peder Engelstoft
      10) Anne Marie Engelstoft.
      Inheritance after uncle Jens Andersen Klyne, jeweler, change 13.2.1700 lbnr.594.
      Deceased died 9.11.1712.
    Person ID I17327  Hickey, List, Bundesen, Thomsen, Jensen, Jessen
    Last Modified 14 Apr 2021 

    Father Christen Pedersen 
    Mother Ellen Olsdatter,   b. Engelstofte, Næsby, Præstø, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F6207  Group Sheet

    Family 1 Mette Christensdatter Rabsted 
    +1. Christian Olufsen Engelstoft,   b. Abt 1670, Sønderho, Fanø, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Nov 1742, Sønderho, Fanø, Denmark Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 72 years)
     2. Karen Olufsdatter Engelstoft
     3. Anne Oulfsdatter Engelstoft
    Last Modified 7 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6197  Group Sheet

    Family 2 Margrethe Andersdatter Klyne 
     1. Ellen Olufsdatter Engelstoft
    +2. Margrethe Elisabeth Engelstoft
     3. Karen Oulfsdatter Engelstoft
     4. Martha Oulfsdatter Engelstoft
     5. Christine Oulfsdatter Engelstoft
     6. Peder Engelstoft
     7. Anne Marie Oulfsdatter Engelstoft
    Last Modified 14 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6214  Group Sheet

    Family 3 Anna Pedersdatter Grønholt,   d. 1722 
    +1. Otte Sophie Engelstoft,   d. 1742
    Last Modified 14 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F6259  Group Sheet

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