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AULD.-In fond remembrance of Archibald Auld, the beloved husband of Catherine Auld, Logan Braes, Veresdale, who died 28th December, 1886, late of Stirlingshire, Scotland. A light has from our household gone.
The voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our hearts
Which never can be filled.

Transcribed from 'The Queenslander' Saturday 5th January 1889

AULD.-On the 29th December. 1885 at the Brisbane Hospital. Archibald Auld, late of Stirlingshire, Scotland, the beloved husband of Catherine Auld, of Logan Braes. Veresdale; leaves a large family and many friends to mourn his loss. " The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh." Aged 55 years.

Transcribed from 'The Queenslander' Saturday 9th January 1886 
Auld, Archibald (I787)
20502 {SCHALLER Jean Jacques(64ans) {+Chrétien,+LEHN Anne Marguerite {veuf {GROSS +Thérèse +--21/09/1829}
(GRENDELBRUCH. 1810 Décès. 1793-1862) 
Schaller, Jean Jacques (I18439)
20503 ¦

Mollkirch. Décès 1686-1792. - 1 - ... ¦DRELLER Esther. ¦HALBHERR Jean Martin. ¦ 07/03/1704 ¦. ¦épouse. ¦. ¦ 
Halbherr, Jean Martin (I11990)
20504 ¦
METZGER Françoise ¦METZGER Antoine ¦ 05/02/1855 ¦
¦+7.9.1855 ¦METZGER Catherine ¦ Voiturier ¦
1630 Naissances 1841 -1862
Metzger, Catherine (I18343)
20505 ¦BOXBERGER Joseph(41ans). ¦SCHUTZ Rosine. ¦ 16/09/1785 ¦.
Mollkirch. Décès 1686-1792  
Boxberger, Joseph (I18501)
20506 ¦FIEG Anne. ¦REGEL +Nicolas. ¦ 09/01/1757 ¦. ¦veuve. ¦.
Mollkirch. Décès 1686-1792. 
Fieg, Anne (I18794)
20507 ¦FRIDRICH Benedicte. ¦ 01/10/1723 ¦. ¦épouse  Boxberger, Anne (I11739)
20508 ¦METZGER Amand ¦METZGER Antoine ¦ 25/10/1858 ¦
¦ ¦METZGER Catherine ¦ Voiturier ¦
1630 Naissances 1841 -1862
Metzger, Amand (I18365)
20509 ¦METZGER Marie Isabelle ¦METZGER Charles ¦ 06/06/1843 ¦
¦ ¦STOHR Marie Anne ¦ Instituteur ¦
GRENDELBRUCH 1630 Naissances
GRENDELBRUCH 1630 Naissances 1841 -1862
Metzger, Marie Isabelle (I18359)
20510 ¦METZGER Marie Richarde ¦METZGER Antoine ¦ 19/01/1861 ¦
¦ ¦METZGER Catherine ¦ Voiturier ¦
1630 Naissances 1841 -1862
Metzger, Marie Richarde (I18366)
20511 Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1867: Opslag 229: Marriage no 4
Hans Christoffer Fedders, 42 years, born 12 Dec 1824, bachelor (Ungkarl) and anna Catharina Frederikke Pries, 19 years, born 8 May 1848. Marriage, 4 July 1867 in Ødis Kirke
Family F2901
20512 Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1877: Opslag 53: Birth no 7
Elias Christian Petersen was born on 20 Feb 1877 in Ødis Sogn, Vejle Amt. He was christened at home on 20 Feb 1877
He was the son of Laurids Madsen Petersen, Smed from Drenderup Mark and wife (hustru) Bodil Marie Elisabeth born Thorsen. Mother's age 24 years. 22/12/52
Barnet (Child) in Kirke 10 April 1877 
Petersen, Elias Christian (I12955)
20513 Ødis Sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup Herred, Vejle Amt
Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1871: Opslag 122: Birth no 10
Born 14 May 1871, Charlotte Margrethe Fedders, christened in church 25 June. Parents: Hans Christoffer Fedders and Anna Cathrina Frederikka Priess

Death, 25 May 1937, Egernsund

Denmark Census 1925
Broager, Nybøl, Sønderborg, Denmark
Jes Simonsen, born, 27 Sep 1853
Charlotte Margrethe Simonsen, born, 14 May 1871, Ødis
Wilhelm Simonsen, born, 22 Feb 1908, Flensburg
Heinrich Simonsen, born, 4 Aug 1912, Egensund
Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet - Rigsarkivet

Skodsbøl (German: Schottsbüll ) is a town on Broager Land in Southern Jutland

Denmark Census 1930
Broager, Sønderborg, Denmark
Charlotte Margrethe Simonsen, born, 14 May 1871, Ødis, widow, residence Skodbol
Carl Peter Møller, residence Skodbol, born, 16 Aug 1902, Flensburg
Chathrine Møller, born, 24 Sep 1906, Mølmark, Broager
Chathrine Pige Møller, 8 Nov 1926, Mølmark, Broager
Elfride Møller, 9 Feb 1930, Mølmark, Broager
Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet - Rigsarkivet

Skodsbøl (German: Schottsbüll ) is a town on Broager Land in Southern Jutland

Fedders, Charlotte Margrethe (I7856)
20514 Ørbæk Sogn
23 Aug 1919, Ørbæk
Opslag 225
Ungkarl Carl Rudolph Vilhelm Haxthausen, born, København, 6 Apr 1893, kasserer in Privatbanken, København. His parents were-Frederik Wilhelm August Haxthausen and Emma Lillienskiold of Holte, and Pigen Else Josefine Lange born at Ørbæklunde, Ørbæk Sogn, 19 Aug 1895, daughter of Godsejer-, Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth Lange and Bodil Langkilde, Ørbæklunde.
Witnesses were Godsejer, Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth Lange, Ørbæklunde and Frederik Wilhelm August Haxthausen of Holte.  
Family F6304
20515 Ørbæk Sogn
Opslag 229
Marriage, 9 Sep 1923, Ørbæk Kirke
Ungkarl Cand jur Erik Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, Greve, Forpagter, of Brobygaard, son of Lengreve Albrecht . . . . . Schaffaletzky de Muckadell and Charlotte . . Cederfeld de Simonsen, Brobygaard. He was born 5 Aug 1888 and Pigen Anna Elisabeth Lange, Ørbæklunde, daughter of Godsejer Lieutenent Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth Lange, and Hustru Bodil Lange of Ørbæklunde, Ørbæk By and Sogn. Born 18 Oct 1896 and christened 30 Nov 1896 in Ørbæk Kirke.
Lengreve Albrecht Christopher Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, Brobygaard and Bodil Lange, Ørbæklunde were the witnesses.
(Arkivalieronline - Kirkebøger fra hele landet-Rigsarkivet) 
Family F6303
20516 Ørbæk Sogn
Opslag 248
Aged 25 years 
Lange, Ejner Langkilde (I17595)
20517 Ørbæk Sogn
Opslag 255
Godsejer, of Ørbæk, Vinding Herred, Svendborg Amt, son of Godsejer Salomon Lange, and Josephine Lange nee Leith. He was married to Bodil Lange nee Langkilde. He was aged 63 years

1895, 1105, 2005, Salomon Lindegaard Lange, justitsraad og forhenværende godsejer til Ørbæklunde, enkemand, 74, Frederiksberg, Platanvej 28. Født paa Ørbæklunde. Søn af Rasmus Lange og Lavrentze født Lindegaard. Josefine Margrethe Elrikke født Leth
Lange, Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth (I17592)
20518 Ørbæk Sogn
Opslag 186
Bodil Lange born Langkilde, died 9 May 1954, Ørbæklunde, Ørbæk Sogn, Vindinge Herred, Svendborg Amt, buried 14 May 1954 in Ørbæk Kirkegaard, Ørbæk Sogn, Vindinge Herred, born 24 Jul 1864, daughter of former Godsejer, of Ørbæk, Vinding Herred, Svendborg Amt, godsejer and cand. jur., Hans Peter Langkilde and Ingeborg Marie nee Engelstoft, Julskov Kullerup, widow (enke) of godsejer Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth Lange whodied 13 Nov 1920, Ørbæklunde. Bodil was aged 89 years 
Langkilde, Bodil (I17587)
20519 Ørbæk Sogn Kirkebog 1839 -1968: Opslag No 40: Birth No 8
Birth 12 Nov 1854, Fredericia Alba Eugenie Ragnhild Nathalie Lange: Christening 6 May in the Kirke: Parent's Names: Forpagter Salomen Lange and Josephone Lange nee Leth, Ørbæklunde

Ejere = Owner
Ejere af Ørbæklunde
Salomon Lindegaard Lange (1884-1920)

København, København (Staden), Amerikavej, , 44Cod 1-2, 79, FT-1901, E0718
Peter Chr E Uldall, 1843/09/27, G, Husfader, Fabrikation af Staalvarer. principal, Fødested, Fredericia
Alba. Eugine Ragnhild Natalie Uldall, 1854/10/12, G, Husmoder, Fødested, Ørbæk Sogn Svendborg Amt
Fanny Antoinette Uldall, 1879/05/05, U, Barn, Fødested, København
Kaj Christian Uldall, 1890/09/14, U, Barn, Fødested, København
Ellen Sophie Uldall, 1872/02/03, U, Barn, Fødested, København
(Dansk Demografisk Database-Rigsarkivet- Folketællinger)
Lange, Fredericia Alba Eugenie Ragnhild Nathalie (I5948)
20520 Ørbæk Sogn Kirkebog 1868 - 1891: Opslag No 61: Marriage No 8
Marriage: 3 Jun 1876 in Ørbæk Kirke, Svendborg County
8. Lieutnant Peter Christian Emmerik Uldall af Kbh., f. 27/9
Frøken Alba Eugenia Ragnhild Natalie Lange af Ørbæklunde,
f. 12/11 1854.
Family F1939
20521 Ørbæklunde

Ørbæklunde gained manor status in the early 16th century.
The farm was founded by merging several farms.
In the 16th century, Ørbæklunde belonged to the powerful noble family Friis.
Ørbæklunde's main wing was built in 1560 by the owner Henrik Friis.
The main building is reminiscent of the Renaissance buildings at Hesselagergård and Borreby, which were built by Henrik Friis' brother, Johan Friis.
The farm has since 1782 belonged to members of the genus Lange.

Ownership history

Ørbæklunde's origin is lost in uncertainty. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, several nobles owned farms in the parish, including Lundsgård, Lundby and Lundbygård. How these farms are linked to the current Ørbæklunde, however, is not entirely certain until one reaches the time around 1500.

At the beginning of the 16th century, one of the parish's largest farms, Lundsgård, belonged to the nobleman Poul Laxmand, who was one of the largest landowners of the time. After personal quarrels with two nobles, Laxmand was killed at Højbro in Copenhagen. After his death, he was post mortem convicted of treason and deprived of his estates, including Lundsgaard.

The farm was sold to the bishop of Odense Jens Andersen Beldenak the same year. He was a member of the Council of State and a driving force behind Laxmand's conviction for treason. Beldenak had no children and in 1528 left the farm to his nephew Christian Pedersen, who gave the farm the name Ørbæklunde.

In 1537 Johan Friis took over Ørbæklunde in a barter trade. He handed over the farm to his brother Henrik Friis, who in connection with his marriage to Margrethe Bild from Ravnholt had acquired a number of farms in the parish.

In 1571, Friis left Ørbæklund to his son Frederik Friis, who a few years later sold it to his brother Niels Friis, who also owned Hesselagergård. Friis stayed primarily on Hesselagergård, which was his most important possession. Nevertheless, he had time to make his mark on Ørbæklunde, where he had the current main building built.

Niels Friis died in 1610, while the widow Vibeke Gyldenstierne survived her husband by three years. At the death of his mother, Ørbæklunde passed to his son Jesper Friis, who spent a large part of his youth abroad. Among other things, he had stood in French war service, just as he had visited Palestine and Egypt. From Egypt, Jesper Friis brought home two mummy coffins, which today are part of the National Museum's antique collection.

In 1629, Jesper Friis married Elsebet Ulfeldt, who was a sister of Christian IV's (1577-1648) son-in-law Corfitz Ulfeldt. After the wedding, the couple settled on Ørbæklunde, where Jesper Friis continued his father's efforts to expand the land.

By 1638, Friis had greatly increased the number of manor houses. Thus, in 1638, the farm was set at 773 tdr. Against 473 tdr. Hartkorn in 1626. In parallel with these acquisitions, Friis carried out a number of improvements to the operation. Among other things, he let main farm lands replace from the village operating community, and he gathered the manor fields around the breeding buildings to get a more rational operation.

In 1642 he was granted patronage to Ørbæk Church, whereby he took over the church's income and was given the right to appoint the associated priest. Friis' care for the estate also extended to its inhabitants. Shortly before his death, he had a school and a hospital set up in the church barn, the operation of which he also financed.

In 1651 the shift was carried out after Jesper Friis, after which the sons Niels and Henrik Friis took over the brother part of the estate. The brothers, and not least Niels Friis, who was the actual possessor, however, failed to maintain the danger and the grandfather's efforts. In 1689 he therefore had to sell Ørbæklunde in order to pay his siblings their inheritance after his father.

The farm was bought by Matthias Henriksen Rosenvinge, who was one of the young monarch's bourgeois landowners. Rosenvinge was a skilled landowner who regained control of Ørbæklunde. His widow Anna Margrethe Wulf continued her husband's efforts after she took over the farm in 1714.

Rosenvinge's descendants owned the farm until 1781, when the great-granddaughter Karen von Heinen after the husband's death had the farm sold at auction.

The new owner was Lars Rasmussen Lange, who in the following years made major improvements to the farm. The replacement was completed, the holdings were improved and homesteads were created. Through land acquisitions and improved operating methods, the main farm's yields doubled during this period.

In 1809, Lange handed over the farm to his son Rasmus Lange, who in 1828 carried out an extensive renovation of the main building. Rasmus Lange continued his father's efforts and carried out, among other things. divestment of attachments, just as he expanded the fields of the main farm by including some of the former attachments.

As part of the modernization of the operation, the leasehold farm Æblegård was built during the 19th century. Moss soil was cultivated and forestry improved. The Lange family still owns Ørbæklunde in 2013.

(1782-1809) Lars Rasmussen Lange
(1809-1848) Rasmus Lauritzen Lange
(1848-1860) Laurentze Lindegaard, married Lange
(1860-1884) Salomon Lindegaard Lange
(1884-1920) Rasmus Lars Haagen Leth Lange
(1920-1946) Bodil Langkilde, married Lange
(1946-1961) Lars-Haagen Lange
(1961-1995) Einer Lauritz Rasmus Salomon Lange
(1989-) Lars Hågen Lange 
Lange, Salomon (I17623)
20522 Ørslev Kirkebog 1814-1854, Opslag 13.
Ørslev Kirkebog 1828, Fødte Mandkøn Nr. 1
Født 15 February 1828 Christian Frederich Sophus Henrich Jeppesen, Kjerlingberg, hiemmedøbt [christened at home] d. 24de February 1828, bekræftet d. 7de Juli 1828.
Forældre: Hr. Birkedommer Hans Henrich Jeppesen og kone Antoinette Margrethe Christine, Dietrichsen paa Kjærlingbjerg.
S.J Hr Pastor Brinchs kone i Ronæs. S.T. Hr Pastor Storths kone i Kjerte. Hr Kammerraad Evers fra Vedelsborg, Hr ?? Helnæs og Hrr Kiøbmand Grønberg i Assens
This record was kindly transcribed by the late Karen Rieb, Bornholm, Denmark

Fødte Mænd 1814-1888
Opslag 13
Birth No 1

Birchedomer, Birkedommer- birke judge
(Danish Occupations Genealogy)

Jeppesen, Christian Frederich Sophus Hinrich (I4284)
20523 Ørslev Kirkebog 1848; Opslag 156: No.2.
Died, 1854, 16 January, buried 25 January, Hans Henrich Jeppesen, Brikdommer in Kjerlingbjerg.
He was aged 61 years 
Jeppesen, Hans Henrich (I4289)
20524 Ørslev Sogn, Vends Herred, Odense Amt
Ørslev Kirkebog 1814-1854
Ørslev Kirkebog 1826: Opslag no 163: Death no 1
Died 7 Jul 1826, buried 10 Jul 1826, Helene Christine Uldall, Widow (Enke ) of Major Dietrichsen from Kjerlingbjerg. 78 years
Uldall, Helena Kirstina/ Christina (I4294)
20525 Ørum Kirkebøg 1815 -1846: Opslag No 125: Marriage No 5
Engagement: 23 Nov 1835: Marriage: 29 Dec 1835. Bridegroom Ungkarl { Bachelor} Steffan Krestensen - age 25 years:
Bride: Else Marie Thomasdatter- 22 years. Father: Thomas Sorensen

Ørum Sogn, Dronninglund Herred, Hjørring Amt
Family F1981
20526 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 141: Birth No 6

Son of Gaardmand [Farmer] Carsten Johann Reinbach and Cathrina Maria f. Jepsen in Hyrop 
Reinbach, Conrad Carsten (I5236)
20527 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 163: Birth No 14
son of Gaardmand [Farmer] Carsten Johann Reinbach of Cathrina Maria f. Jepsen in Hyrop 
Reinbach, Christian Friederich (I5237)
20528 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 574: Marriage No 6

This was Carsten Johann Reinbach's third marriage  
Family F1675
20529 Øster Hæsinge Sogn 1859 - 1891:Opslag No 3: Birth No 7
Born 11 Jul 1859, Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, christened in the Kirke 16 Aug 1859. He was the son of -? Erik Engelke Schaffaletzky de Muckadell and his wife [hustru] Anne Caroline Bernhardine Schaffaletzky de Muckadell nee Kosegarten


Albrecht Christopher County Count Schaffalitzky de Muckadell ( 5 November 1720 in Arreskov - 26 February 1797 at the same place) was a Danish landowner , brother of Jacob Frederik Schaffalitzky de Muckadell .

He was the son of Heinrich Bernhard Schaffalitzky de Muckadell and gradually came into possession of a number of Funen estates, Brobygård ( 1769 ), Ølstedgård ( 1770 ), Arreskov with Gelskov ( 1773 ). He was therefore admitted to the Danish counties on 2 April 1783 and established the Muckadell County on 26 November 1784 with the headquarters Arreskov. In 1755 he became chamberlain , in 1768 white knight and in 1769 secret councilor .

In his military career, he was in 1734 grain réforme in the first Funen national Rider Regiment, 1736 really grainy and 1739 characterized ritmester , 1746 Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Guard on horseback , 1755 lieutenant colonel of cavalry , 1,759 fourth major in the Garden, 1760 colonel of cavalry, 1,761 walk Gen. in Garden, 1764 lieutenant colonel in Zealand Kyradserregiment, 1769 dismissed.

1st time he married in 1747 Christiane Sophie von der Lühe (27th August 1732 - 23rd October 1750), 2nd time 27th July 1767 with Christiane Sophie Ernst (14th October 1711 - 15th February 1771), 3rd time October 29, 1773 with Birthe Kirstine Juel Reedtz (December 28, 1739 - December 20, 1790).

He is buried in Hillerslev Church .

Sourcesedit, Data at Finn Holbek


Brobyværk - one of Denmark's most famous weapons factories in the 17th century - was located at Brobygaard.
In 1783, the farms Brobygaard, Ølstedgaard, Arreskov and Gelskov were united in the county of Muckadell.
Despite a fire in 1921 and several extensive restorations, the main building from 1673 has been preserved in 2013.
According to the Rantzauske tablet from approx. 1590, which is found on Krengerup and manufactures the Rantzau family tree, Brobygaard originally consisted of a whitewashed half-timbered house with a basement and two narrow half-timbered extensions surrounded by tombs.
Ownership history
Brobygaard is probably identical to Gammelbogaard, which was mentioned in sources as early as the 14th century, but the farm's medieval history is uncertain. Only from Bild Nielsen Bruckow's ownership of Brobygård in 1568 can one give a complete picture of the ownership history.
Bild Nielsen Bruckow's family owned Brobygaard for a few decades in the late 16th century, after which the farm was sold to the nobleman Frantz Rantzau. Frantz Rantzau, the son of the Holstein governor Henrik Rantzau, was a soldier around Europe in his youth. Among other things, he participated in the Dutch War of Independence before returning home to Denmark and joining the court service. In 1612, Frantz Rantzau fell in the Kalmar War, leaving Brobygaard to his son, Henrik Rantzau.
Henrik Rantzau sold Brobygaard to his cousin, Anne Rosenkrantz. At her death in 1645, her brother-in-law Anders Bille bought out his co-heirs and became the sole owner of Brobygaard and the associated holdings, which consisted of 24 farms and 15 houses.
Anders Bille, who was a prominent representative of the old nobility, was in 1642 appointed marshal, ie. the country's military commander. He led the defense during the Torstensson War (1643-1635), which Denmark lost. Bille subsequently sought to improve the country's defense capability, i.a. through the creation of a national militia. In 1648 he also built the weapons factory, Brobyværk, at Brobygaard. The factory was to ensure the Armed Forces an adequate supply of weapons, and several of the factory's weapons can today be seen on e.g. Tøjhusmuseet.
At the outbreak of the First Karl Gustav War (1657-1658), Bille was killed in the defense of Frederiksodde.
In 1701, Bille's grandson Brobygaard sold to Christian Nielsen Fogh, who was a tenant at Brahesborg. Fogh had earned a small fortune as a money lender, i.a. to several of the landowners of the period who were having a hard time financially.
By detours and through marriage, Albrecht Christopher Schaffalitzky de Muckadell came into possession of Brobygaard in 1769. In his second marriage to Kirstine Juel Reedtz, Muckadell also acquired the manors Arreskov and Gelskov, which in 1783 became part of the newly established county of Muckadell and Brogaard.
Schaffalitzky de Muckadell expanded the farm and modernized agriculture with the introduction of new cultivation methods, with three years of operation followed by four years of rest. Muckadell was also among the first to introduce the clover in Denmark, just as he initiated the replacement of the fixtures and relocated the fixtures.
Albrecht Christopher Schaffalitzky de Muckadell's grandson of the same name was also a skilled landowner and even highly regarded by the area's population. After his death in 1858, the locals erected, as was the custom during the period, a memorial stone for him close to the farm park.
It was not until 1916 under Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig Schaffalitzky de Muckadell that the fixtures were put up for sale.
In connection with the Land Replacement Act, County Muckadell passed into freehold in 1925. The farm was in 2013 owned by Erik Engelke County Count Schaffalitzky de Muckadell and Jacob Baron Schaffalitzky de Muckadell

(1764-1765) Hans Frederik Windtz
(1765-1769) Christiane Sophie Ernst, married 1) Fogh 2) Windtz, 3) Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1769-1797) Albrecht Christopher Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1797-1823) Erik Skeel Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1823-1858) Albrecht Christopher Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1858-1905) Erik Engelke Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1905-1939) Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1939-1963) Erik Engelke Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(1963-1980) Michael Schaffalitzky de Muckadell
(2011-) Erik Engelke Schaffalitzky de Muckadell and Jacob Schaffalitzky de Muckadell

Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig (I5962)
20530 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1849-1898
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1867: Opslag 61: Birth no 6
Anne Marie Lindholt was christened on 30 April 1867, the daughter of Peder Thomsen Lindholt, Tailor (Skrædder) in Gjenner and Johanne Ulrikka Olesen (23 years).
Peder Thomsen Lindholt and Johanne Ulrikka Olesen were married in Skrydstrup Kirke on 7 Sep 1866.
Lindholdt /Lindholt, Anne Marie (I10889)
20531 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1849-1898
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1869: Opslag 66: Birth no 10
Caecilie Margrethe Lindholt was born on 12 March 1869 and christened on 29 March 1869, the daughter of MasterTailor (Skræddermester) in Raubjerg, Peder Thomsen Lindholt, and Johanne Ulrikka Olsen. 
Lindholdt/Lindholt, Caecilie Margrethe (I10890)
20532 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1849-1898
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1878: Opslag 91: Birth no 26
Peter Thomsen Lindholt was born on 17 June 1878 and christened in the kirke on 17 July 1878, the son of MasterTailor (Skræddermester) in Østerlygum, Peder Thomsen Lindholt, and Christine Marie born Jespersen. They were married in 1878. (No. 4)
Peter Thomsen Lindholt's first Sponser at his christening was
Math. Bundesen in Apenrade.
Lindholdt, Peter Thomsen (I10892)
20533 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1854-1898
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1878; Opslag 52: Marriage no 4
Tailor (Skrædder) in Østerlygum Peder Thomsen Lindholt was the son of Arbeidsmand Peter Petersen and Anne born Nielsen in Skrydstrup, and born on 21 Jun 1839
Maiden (Pigen) Christine Marie Jespersen in Østerlygum was the daughter of deceased (afdød)-Skrædder (Tailor) Søren Jespersen and Marie Margrethe born Andersen, Kraalund? and born on 19 Aug 1842.
Family F3745
20534 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1854-1898
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1878; Opslag 52: Marriage no 4
Tailor (Skrædder) in Østerlygum Peder Thomsen Lindholt in Øster Løgum was the son of Arbeidsmand Peter Petersen and Anne born Nielsen in Skrydstrup, and born on 21 Jun 1839
Maiden (Pigen) Christine Marie Jespersen in Østerlygum was the daughter of deceased (afdød)-Skrædder (Tailor) Søren Jespersen and Marie Margrethe born Andersen, Kraalund? and born on 19 Aug 1842.
Family F3745
20535 Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1899-1943
Øster Løgum Kirkebog 1901: Opslag 4 Marriage no 8
6 Sep 1901 (Kirche)
Bachelor (Junggeselle) Peter Thomsen Lindholdt - in Osterlugum . He was born on 7 June 1978 and confirmed in Osterlugum on 27 March 1893.
Maiden (Jungfrau) Christine Margrethe Fyhn in Osterlugum . She was born on 13 March 1881 in Haberslund and confirmed in Osterlugum on 7 April 1895

Osterlugum, Øster Løgum

Family F3746
20536 Øster Løgum Sogn Kirkebog 1763-1853
Øster Løgum Sogn Kirkebog 1845: Opslag 167: Birth no 9
Grevsen, Paul Nissen (I8424)
20537 Østerild Kirkebøg 1814 - 1842: Opslag No 85: Marriage No 4
11 Dec 1881 in Østerild Kirke
Bridegroom: Ungkarl Berthel Thomsen of Østerild Sogn -,age 26 years: Bride: Pigen Ana Margrethe Christensdatter of Østerild Sogn, - age 25. Forloverne: Gaardmand Thomas Andersen and Gaardmand Anders Thomsen both of Hoxen?
Family F2013
20538 Østerild Kirkebøger 1843 - 1861: Opslag No 14: Birth No 5
son of Huusmand [Smallholder] Berthel Thomsen and Ana Margrethe Christensdatter 
Berthelsen, Thomas Christian (I6175)
20539 Østerild Kirkebøger 1843 - 1861: Opslag No 18: Birth No 10
He was the son of Huusmand (Smallholder) Berthel Thomsen/Thomasen and Ane Margrethe Christensdatter

Berthelsen, Jens Peter - Sugar Cane Farmer (I6030)
20540 Østerild Kirkebøger 1843 - 1861: Opslag No 24 : Birth No 15
Born 7 Dec 1856, Thomas Berthelsen: Parents: Huusmand Berthel Thomsen and Hustru Ana Margrethe Christensdatter, 34 years of Østerild. He was christensed on 9 Dec 1856
Huusmand = Smallholder

Thomas Berthelsen
Birth: Dec. 7, 1856, Denmark
Death: Sep. 10, 1936
Queensland, Australia

Born in Østerild Sogn, Thisted Amt, Danmark, Nth Jutland (Danish peninsula)

son of:
Father Berthel Thomsen,
b. Abt 1822, Skyum Sogn, Thisted Amt, Danmark, Nth Jutland (Danish peninsula)

Mother Ane Margrethe Christensdatter,
b. Abt 1823, Østerild Sogn, Thisted Amt, Danmark, Nth Jutland (Danish peninsula)

The death is announced of Mr. Thomas Berthelsen. aged 78. a well-known pioneer. He was born In Denmark, and came to Queensland in the sailing ship Herschel when 21 years of age. He is survived by his widow, three sons, and five daughters.
Transcribed from " The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Queensland, Saturday 19 September 1936"

Family links:
Marie Catherine List Berthelsen (1870 - 1950)

John Peter Berthelsen (1886 - 1889)*
Albina Margarethe Berthelsen Jensen (1888 - 1941)*
Christian Albert Berthelsen (1890 - 1953)*
Alvida Christine Berthelsen (1892 - 1974)*
Ena Elenore Berthelsen (1895 - 1973)*
Eva Isabel Berthelsen Parker (1898 - 1939)*
Thomas Edward Berthelsen (1901 - ____)*
William Anthony Berthelsen (1903 - 1974)*
George Berthelsen (1906 - 1908)*
David Berthelsen (1906 - 1922)*
Vernon Berthelsen (1915 - 1922)*

*Calculated relationship

Polson Cemetery
Point Vernon
Fraser Coast Region
Queensland, Australia

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Berthelsen, Thomas (I493)
20541 Østerild Kirkebøger 1843 - 1861: Opslag No 28: Birth No 3
Berthelsen, Anton (I6187)

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