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18101 Åbenrå Sogn, Rise Herred, Åbenrå Amt
Åbenrå Kirkebog 1902 - 1944
Aabenraa Kirkebog 1924: Opslag 57: Marriage no 1
Marriage 13 Nov 1924
Bridegroom: Kobmand Friedrich Schulz in Hamburg, born (fodt) 19.12.1898: Bride: Andrea Meta Cathrina Birch, born 10.12.1899. Conf. 21.11.1915.
Family F2642
18102 Åbenrå Sogn, Rise Herred, Åbenrå Amt
Åbenrå Kirkebog 1902-1944
Aabenraa Kirkebog 1924: Opslag 57: Marriage no 1
Marriage 13 Nov 1924
Bridegroom: Kobmand Friedrich Schulz in Hamburg, born 19.12.1898.
Bride: Andrea Meta Cathrina Birch, born10.12.1899. Conf. 21.11.1915.
Family F2660
18103 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ewald, Inger (I7942)
18104 Åbenrå, Åbenrå, Denmark

Åbenrå 1935-1962
Opslag 179
Died, 11 Feb 1947, buried, 15 Feb 1947, Maria Helena Schwenn f. Bundesen, Klinkbjerg 10, Enke (Widow), born 6 May 1974 in Bov Sogn, Tonder, d. of Learer (Schoolteacher), Peter Christian Bundesen and Anna Helena Duborg. She was married to Rebslager (Ropemaker) Hermann Johann Julius Ludvig Schwenn  
Bundesen, Maria Helena (I5131)
18105 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Amelia was at Thomas's house recorded on 1881 census, her s on George ag ed 8 also, he recorded as born St's Day and a s cholar. Amelia is record ed as Mother & Nurse aged 46, bor n St's Day Cornwall. George son of Thom as was only 5 days o ld on census. 
Amelia (I18096)
18106 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Birth cert details found on freeBDM web site Ulv 8e 785 
Wilkinson, George (I18257)
18107 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Both fathers were deceased at time of wedding. John (aged 2 3) was livi ng at 82 North Edward Street, Lancaster. John i s recorded as a Joiners La bourer. His fathers occupation i s recorded as Labourer, Linoleum Works (M ost likly Wiliamso ns on St. Georges Quay) Ellen (as shown on cert) ag ed 18 i s shown as a domestic Servant living at 2 Lucy Street.

Witnesses of the registery office wedding were: A Bartlet t & F Clement. 
Family F6617
18108 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Date found on rear of marriage photograph given to me by mo ther. 
Family F6549
18109 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Details of marriage provided by Irene Cafferty (ASHBURNER r esearcher) v ia e-mail. Taken fr om Dalton parish registe rs at BARROW Records Office. 
Family F6635
18110 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Found in Urswick parish register transcribe Vol.2 by Lancas hire Parish Re gister Society. John KENDALL & William WANE w ere witnesses. John RUSSEL s hown to be from Ulverston. 
Family F6614
18111 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Found on freeBDM. Ulverston Volume 8e page 1209. 
Family F6658
18112 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Found on freeBDM. Ulverston, Volume 25 Page 195. Sept. Quar ter 1844 
Family F6655
18113 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Found on IGI. 
Family F291
18114 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Fred lived at 19 Cable Street, Lancaster at the time he mar ried. I expe ct this was his fathers house. Fred was a Paint er and Decorator. George h is father is recorded as bein g a mining engineer. Hanna's father John Tho mas RIGG wa s a mining overseer who worked for the Duke of Buccleuch o n h is Furness estate.

George & Elizabeth WILKINSON were witness to the wedding.

This was a second marriage for Fred as he is recorded a s a widower. Mum s eems to remember being told his previou s wife and two daughters died fr om consumption.

Fred was Living at 47 Bowerham Road at the time of Hanna' s death in 195 1. (This was his son Eric's home.) 
Wilkinson, Fred (I17796)
18115 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Fred met Hanna after meeting her while he was decoratin g a house "Lunehur st" in Stodday, Lancaster. Hanna was a do mestic servent there. Fred was l iving at 19 Cable Street, L ancaster at the time of marriage. Like ly to be his father s house. This was close to Green Ayre railway statio n, whic h I remember as a child trips to Morecambe on the steam tra ins. C able Street was demolished to make way for a "Sainsbu rys" supermark et in the 1980's. 
Family F6546
18116 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

George shown as a bachelor and occupation as a Miner on wed ding certifica te. Jane a spinster. Both of full age. Mary W ilkinson and James Hall we re witnesses. I have this marria ge certificate. 
Family F6547
18117 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

George shown as an Engineer on George WILKINSON & Jane's ma rriage certifi cate. 
Telford, George (I18231)
18118 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F6616
18119 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

I did not realise until I checked Isobel's death certificat e that Frederi ck was his name as I always new him as Uncl e Eric. 
Wilkinson, Frederick (I17798)
18120 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

I did not realize until taking up the family tree researc h that my Grand ad was called John. We always knew him as Ro nald. His friends called h im Ronnie. He like his father wa s a Painter & Decorator and coincident ly both found their b rides whilst working on houses in Lancaster. Grand ad met Ma ry (Known as Molly) while painting at "Toll Garth" a hous e on S cotforth Road, Lancaster. Stranger still is that a s a young boy I deliver ed newspapers to those houses. (Mor e info in the marriage sections) 
Wilkinson, John Ronald (I17797)
18121 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Maiden name found on Mary's birth certificate. I have cop y requested 19 36 given to me by my mother. 
Stafford, Cathrine (I18092)
18122 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Marriage certificate details found on freeBDM web site no . ULV 8e 1056 
Family F6657
18123 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Marriage certificate details found on freeBDM web site. Cer t no. UL V. 8e 1277 
Family F6624
18124 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Marriage found on free BDM certificate ref. 8e 809 (Ulverst on) 1879 Mar ch quarter. 
Family F6539
18125 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Marriage found on IGI. Prompted by find in 1841 census: Dal ton 1841 Re f: HO 107 / 529 / 2 George ASHBURNER, M, 50, Mal ster, (Born in the Count y)
Eleanor ? F, 35,
Esther ? F, 15,
Mary ? F, 4,
Thomas ? M, 2,
Eleanor TURNER F, 60 (Mother of Eleanor) 
Family F2809
18126 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Marriage record found in transcript of Urswick parish regis ter Vo l. 2. by Lancashire parish register society. Hanna Di xon & Robert Reid we re witnesses. 
Family F6596
18127 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Mary found on Ulverston 1841 Census at the Workhouse. 
Wilkinson, Mary (I18244)
18128 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Mary was born at 5.05 am 56 Blackfriers Street, Edinburgh , Scotland. H er birth certificate shows father James as a W axcloth Hawker. Her birth w as registered March 24th, 1906 . Her occupation is shown as Domestic (At T oll Garth). Th e copy certificate I have has two halfpenny stamps from A pr il 1936.

Mary died from a Coronary artery thrombosis & Coronary athe rosclerosis. D eath certified by Hilary A. Siddle, Deputy Co roner for North Lancashire a fter a post mortem without inqu est. Mum & Dad found her on a routine visi t. 
Crichton, Mary (Molly) (I17801)
18129 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wilkinson, Nora (I18283)
18130 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

On wedding certificate William (Father of Mary) shown a s a labourer. Witn esses to the wedding were Richard & Marga ret Creary. George signed his na me to solamise and Mary mad e her mark (X) the vicar signed to verify h er mark. No age s are shown. George's father John's occupation at the t im e was a (Stone) Mason. These details were found on the orig inal pari sh register kept at BARROW-in-Furness public recor ds office.

Also found on freeBDM. Marriage. Ulverston September quarte r 1841, Volu me 25 page 187. 
Family F6613
18131 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in transcribe of Urswick register vol. 2. by L ancashire Pari sh register society. Witnesses to the weddin g were William WANE, Phebe W ANE. 
Family F6622
18132 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish register transcribe vol 2. b y Lancashire P arish register society. Banns for both were r ead by Henry Holme, Vic ar of Urswick. 
Family F6625
18133 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish Register transcribe Vol. 2 b y Lancashire P arish Register Society.

Sep 5, 1721. John WANE, GU, wdr & Elizabeth Boulton, GU sp . (bHH) 
Family F6626
18134 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish Register transcribe Vol. 2 b y Lancashire P arish Register Society. 
Family F6630
18135 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish Register transcribe Vol. 2 b y Lancashire P arish Register Society. Christopher is show n as a Mariner in the entry. 
Family F6629
18136 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish Register transcribe Vol. 2 b y Lancashire P arish Register Society. This was Thomas's sec ond marriage as he was recor ded as a widower at marriage t o Isabell DOBSON. 
Dobson, Isabell (I18123)
18137 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Record found in Urswick Parish Register Vol. 2 by Lancashir e Parish Regis ter Society. Witnesses at the wedding were Wi lliam WANE & Anne WANE. 
Family F6628
18138 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

RIGG, John Marriage Wife: Jane FELL Marriage Date: 8 Feb 18 12 Recorded i n: Dalton In Furness, Lancashire, England Sour ce: FHL Film 1471899 Date s: 1692 - 1867 
Family F290
18139 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Thomas from Redman Hall. He had married Isabell Shisiker 16 97 
Fell, Thomas (I18124)
18140 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Thomas shown as a Farmer on his daughters wedding certifica te. 
Kendall, Thomas (I18213)
18141 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Witnesses to the Registry office wedding were Jemima Crisht on (Auntie Ge m) , Evan, James Hayes & Mary Lydia Hey's . ( Owners of Toll Garth?) 
Family F6548
18142 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Witnesses to the wedding were John & Esther Flemming. Thi s record fou nd at BARROW county records office, ref BPR/14 i 1/2 Later confirmed in co py of transcribed parish registe rs for Urswick vol. 2. Published by Lanca shire Parish Regis ter society. 
Family F6597
18143 [Hammelev Kirkebog 1777-1825: Opslag 197: No. 16]
Gram, Marie Cathrine (I4502)
18144 [Hejls Kirkebog 1763 -1784: Opslag 309]
Family F1904
18145 [Holbol Kirkebog 1827-1850. Opslag 112: No. 21]
Petersen, Metta Maria (I4594)
18146 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859: Opslag 371: No.8]
Bundesen, Ellen Marie (I4106)
18147 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859: Opslag 413: Confirmation No.15]
Petersen, Metta Maria (I4594)
18148 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859; Opslag 378]  Petersen, Catharina Maria (I3651)
18149 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1856] Hoegh, Nis Hansen (I4400)
18150 [Kværs Kirkebog 1763-1884 Opslag 154].
Kraag, Maria Margretha Caroline (I4748)

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