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17551 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Witnesses to the Registry office wedding were Jemima Crisht on (Auntie Ge m) , Evan, James Hayes & Mary Lydia Hey's . ( Owners of Toll Garth?) 
Family F6548
17552 [DaveBRIER02.FTW]

Witnesses to the wedding were John & Esther Flemming. Thi s record fou nd at BARROW county records office, ref BPR/14 i 1/2 Later confirmed in co py of transcribed parish registe rs for Urswick vol. 2. Published by Lanca shire Parish Regis ter society. 
Family F6597
17553 [Hammelev Kirkebog 1777-1825: Opslag 197: No. 16]
Gram, Marie Cathrine (I4502)
17554 [Hejls Kirkebog 1763 -1784: Opslag 309]
Family F1904
17555 [Holbol Kirkebog 1827-1850. Opslag 112: No. 21]
Petersen, Metta Maria (I4594)
17556 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859: Opslag 371: No.8]
Bundesen, Ellen Marie (I4106)
17557 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859: Opslag 413: Confirmation No.15]
Petersen, Metta Maria (I4594)
17558 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1824-1859; Opslag 378]  Petersen, Catharina Maria (I3651)
17559 [Kliplev Kirkebog 1856] Hoegh, Nis Hansen (I4400)
17560 [Kværs Kirkebog 1763-1884 Opslag 154].
Kraag, Maria Margretha Caroline (I4748)
17561 [Kværs Kirkebog 1764-1884 Opslag 140]
Kraag, Hans Peter (I4745)
17562 [Kværs Kirkebog 1764-1884, Opslag 150]
Kraag, Peter Hinrich (I4747)
17563 Ålborg Amt, Fleskum Ålborg Herred, Ålborg Vor Frue
Ålborg Vor Frue Kirkebog 1778-1814
Ålborg Vor Frue Kirkebog 1785: Opslag 110
18 March, Antonette Margrethe Christine.
Parents: Captain Christian Fridrich Didrichsen and Helene Christine Uldal
Dietrichsen/ Diederichsen, Antoinette Margrethe Christine (I4290)
17564 [Norre Felding Kirkebog 1776-1815: 1814: Opslag 22]
Hauritz, Jens Petersen (I4501)
17565 [Note: Niels Sophus Egidius :was christened in Vor Frelser Kirke on the same day as his sister Hansine Petrine Laurine Egidius]
Egidius/Egedius, Niels Sophus (I4241)
17566 [NZ Marriage Record, Code 1993, Fiche 1 of 5].
[NZ Marriage Record, Code 1993, Fiche 3 of 5: Code 1993].  
Family F1414
17567 [Opslag 141: Birth no. 28. Hostrup Kirkebog 1797-1860: Tonder County] Thomsen, Thomas Peter (I4720)
17568 [Peter Andersen Bundesen's death certificate]
Bohnsen Bundesen, Hans Petersen (I4256)
17569 Århus Domsogn Kirkebog 1822 - 1828: Opslag No 8: Birth No 33
Son of Jorgen, Tømmermand Julius Serachitschyand Ane Jorgensdatter

Different spellings of Zerakitzky
Serachitschy, Zerachitschy, Zerachitschif

Tømmermand or tømrer = a carpenter, not a carpenter's man 
Zerakitsky, Jorgen (I5075)
17570 Århus Domsogn Kirkebog 1914 -1817: Opslag No 100; Marriage No 35
Peter Christien Julius Tommermand and -? age 20 years. + Zeaeragitjike and Ane JorgensDatter .Age 29 years
Zeaeragitjike. Spelling may not be exact  
Family F1630
17571 Århus Vor Frue Kirkebog 1749 - 1813: Opslag No 25: Marriage No 16

Peter Zarakchiski and Bodil Marie Marriage 20 Oct 1785
Family F1631
17572 Århus Vor Frue Kirkebog 1749 - 1813: Opslag No 344: No 25
Son of Peder Serachitschy and Bodil Marie Fabricius

Spellings of the surname Zerakitzky, Sarakitsky Serachitschy, Zerachitschif, Sarakitsky, Zerachitschy
Zerakitsky, Peter Christian Julius (I5079)
17573 [Rinkenæs Kirkebog, 1682-1838 Opslag 201: Death No.11].
Rinkenæs 1785.Death of Cathaeina Schutt
Catharina des weils Hans Schutt Bohlsmann [farmer] in Rinckenis und das Maria Schutt ehel.Touchter [daughter] und hinterlast des Witwe [widower] Jep Mathiesen daselbst. Alt 74 Jahre 8 Tage. [74 years , 8 days]. Hinterlasst

6 Kinder [children]: Mathias Jepsen, Hans Jepsen, Dorothea Maria, Ellin, Maren, Catharina Maria n und von ??
Sohn Mathias Jepsen ein Kind mit Ellin Petersen in Stubbeck. 2. Jep Jepsen von ihren Sohn Hans Jepsen ?? hel?? gu?? mit des weil Maren Petersen in Underleff in K.K Catharina Maria Jepsen [Grandchildren]:

Von ihre Tochter Dorothea Maria verheiratet [married to] Johan Paulsen in Tursbull. 4 K K Paul, Christina Maria Jep und Catharina Dorothea Paulsen..[all grandchildren of Mathias Jepsen and Catharina Schutt]
Von ihre Tochter Ellin verheiratet [married] mit Hans Christian Kroger in Jarlund 3 K K Catharina Maria, Christian, und Metta Maria Krogern.[grandchildren of Mathias Jepsen and Catharina Schutt].
Von ihre Tochter Maren verheiratet mit Hans Hansen in Rollum. 2 K K[kinders kinders = grandchildren] Hans Hansen und Jep Hansen.
Von ihren Tochter Catharina Maria verheiratet mit Asmus Jessen in Tarup. 1 K K. Jes Jessen

Rinkenæs Kirkebog, 1682-1838 Opslag 201: Death No.11
Catharina, daughter of Hans Schutt Bohlsmann [boelsmand = farm holder] in Rinckenis and Maria Schutt. Catharina was the widow of Jep Mathiesen. Her age was 74 years and 8 months. There were 6 living children listed: 1.Mathias Jepsen, 2. Hans Jepsen:3. Dorothea Maria: 4. Ellin: 5. Maren: 6. Catharina Maria:
Bohlsmann : farmer with a full-sized farm with the size of 1 Bohl (Bol, 20-50 hectare land).

Her son Mathias Jepsen is married to Ellin Petersen from Stubbeck. 2 grandchildren : Jep, and Hans Jepsen
{Note for Mathias Jepsen. He was Anna Helena Jepsen's grandfather; Jep, Anna Helena Jepsen's father]
Her son Hans Jepsen is married to Maren Petersen in Underleff
Her daughter Dorothea Maria is married to Johan Paulsen in Tursbull, 4 grandchildren from them: Paul, Christina Maria [Botilla Marie Jessen's mother]: Jep: and Catharina Dorothea Paulsen.
Her daughter Ellin is married to Hans Christian Kroger in Jarlund. They have 3 children: Catharina Maria: Christian and Metta Maria Kroger.
Her daughter Maren is married to Hans Hansen in Rollum They have 2 children: Hans Hansen and Jep Hansen.
Her daughter Catharina Maria is married to Asmus Jessen in Tarup. They have 1 child, Jes Jessen
Schütt, Catharina (I4156)
17574 [Rinkenæs Kirkebog 1682-1838]
Jepsen, Anna Helena (I3662)
17575 [S79] Information kindly supplied by (Myra) .
Dobbs, Henry (I6886)
17576 [Sonderborg Kirkebog 1858- 1910. Opslag 63. Confirmation Number 29]
Thomsen, Christine Marie (I3702)
17577 [Source: Roman Catholic Cemetery Transcriptions & Gympie Cemetery Records]
Death Registration
GORMLEY Thomas: Death: 27.05.1906: Father: Edmund GORMLEY: Mother: Mary BUTLER. Reg No 1906/1680 [Queensland Death Register 1829 -1964]
Gormley, Thomas (I4602)
17578 Ægteskabet opl. ~2° 10.2.1928 på Fr.berg med Inger Johanne Frede Elisabeth Gregersen, *17.2.1904 i Kbh., ?9.4.1952 smst., datter af civiling., senere dir. Gunnar G. og Johanne Salomon.

Falkentorp, Johannes Ole, f. 1886, Arkitekt. F. 18. Febr. 1886 i Kbh. Forældre: Arkitekt, senere Professor, kgl. Bygningsinspektør, Etatsraad Albert Jensen (s.d.) og Hustru. Navne­forandring 1899. Gift 1° med Hella Mørch. 2° 10. Febr. 1928 i Kbh. med Inger Johanne Frede Elisabeth Gregersen, f. 17. Febr. 1904 i Kbh., D. af Civilingeniør, senere Direktør for Teknologisk Institut Gunnar G. og mag. art. Johanne Salomon.
( Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon F )

Family F4457
17579 _STAT: REFN MO43801 Family F16
17580 _UID228C989633A7114E9DFC25E2B7730A2710BF
copy of marriage register entry
marriage in the parish of Keith in the county of Banff
June 14 1862
at Keith
after banns according to the Established Church of Scotland
John Pattillo (signed), farm servant, bachelor, age 20
usual residence - Netherton, Cairney, Aberdeenshire
Father - Andrew Pattillo - farmer, deceased
Mother - Ann Pattillo - maiden surname - Knight, deceased
Mary Ross (signed) domestic servant, spinster, age 20
usual residence - Land Street, Keith, Banffshire
Father - James Ross , crofter, deceased
Mother - Mary Ross, maiden surname - Addison

witnesses - William Ross, (signed) minister of Kintore,
Andrew Pattillo, witness
Peter B?, witness
registered 16 June 1862 at Keith, information from Pattillo book and also from copy of birth entry of son, James Pattillo born 18 May 1871.

marriage date was 14 June 1862, Keith

copy of marriage register entry
14 June 1862 at Keith
after Banns according to the forms of the established church of Scotland
John Pattillo, farm servant, bachelor, age 20
Netherton(?), Cairney Aberdeenshire
father - Andrew Pattillo, farmer, deceased
mother - Ann Pattillo, (Knight), deceased
Mary Ross, domestic servant, spinster, age 20
Land Street, Keith, Banffshire
father - James Ross, crofter, deceased
mother - Mary Ross (Addison)
signed William Ross, minister of Kintore
signed Andrew Pattillo, sitness
signed Peter ?, witness

Family F350
17581 ______

The Friends of Mr Henry A. Tardent (Journalist) deceased are invited to attend his Funeral to leave his late residence Ormonts, Brisbane road, Wynnum West, Tomorrow (Saturday) Forenoon at 10.30 o'clock for the Bulimba Cemetery
JOHN HISLOP & SONS Funeral Directors

Transcribed from 'The Brisbane Courier' Friday 6th September 1929
Tardent, Henry Alexis (I3811)
17582 __________________

Plot 7, Row L, Grave 4.
Hagle Dump Cemetery is 7.5 Kms west of Ieper town centre on the Sint Pietersstraat, a road leading from the N308 Poperingseweg, connecting Ieper to Poperinge. From Ieper town centre the Poperingseweg (N308) is reached via Elverdingsestraat then directly over two small roundabouts in the J. Capronstraat. The Poperingseweg is a continuation of the J. Capronstraat and begins after a prominent railway level crossing. 6 Kms along the Poperingseweg, after passing through the villages of Vlamertinge and Brandhoek, lies the right hand turning onto Galgestraat. 1 Km along the Galgestraat lies a staggered crossroads. The cemetery lies 300 metres after this crossroads on Sint Pietersstraat. 
Sinclair, Robert Pte (I4457)
17583 _____________________
Mr. R. A. R. Wallace.

Mr. Robert Alfred Renforth Wallace, late of Samford-road, Alderley, who passed away at his residence on June 26, was bom in Workington, Cumberland, England, on february 19, 1863 and as a young man served in the British Navy. The late Mr. Wallace came to Australia in 1879, and shortly after landing in Brisbane he took the position of lighthouse-keeper at Bustard Head, and later at Cape Capricorn. He then took up farmlng at Degilbo, in the Burnett district, where he remained for 15 years. Later he conducted 'bus and auctioneering businesses in Maryborough, where for several years he served as an alderman of the council. He was highly esteemed in Masonic circles, being a Past Master of Lodge Burnett, No. 174, Eidsvold, and also a prominent member of the Royal Arch Chapter. For seven years he held the position of manager of the provision stores on the railway construction from Mundubbera to Monto. The late Mr. Wallace leaves a widow and grown-up family.

Transcribed from 'The Brisbane Courier' Tuesday 8th July 1930 
Wallace, Robert Alfred Renforth (I6285)
17584 ______________________

Mrs. Hortense Tardent.
Mrs. Hortense Tardent, widow of the late Mr. Henry A. Tardent, died sud- denly at the residence of her son at Rockhampton on October 1. The de- ceased lady, who was born in Europe in 1857, came to Queensland 45 years ago, with her husband, and a young family of five children. One of her sons, Mr. E. ("Ted") Tardent, of the 42nd Battalion, was killed in action in Belgium. The lata Mrs. Tardent in turn resided at Roma, Toowoomba, and Wynnum, and was on a visit to Rock- hampton at the time of her decease. Her surviving children are Messrs. Paul Tardent, manager of the State Insurance Office at Rockhampton, Emil A. Tardent (Wynnum). Jules L. Tardent (Atherton), and Mesdames P. A.Rochat (Northgate). C. J. Stephensen (South Brisbane). J. B. S. Shrapnel (Oakey), and W. R. Barrett (Booyal).

Transcribed from 'The Brisbane Courier' Tuesday 4th October 1932 
Tardent, Hortense (I6117)
17585 ________________________________
Name: Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Sprott
Birth Date: abt 1865
Death Date: 3 Mrz 1922 (3 Mar 1922)
Death Place: Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland (Germany)
Age: 57
Occupation: Kanzleisekretar
Certificate Number: 222/1922
(Flensburg, Germany, Death Index Cards, 1874-1982, Stadtarchiv Flensburg, Flensburg, Deutschland)
Sprott, Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm (I7836)
17586 __________________________________________________

BLACKLEY.-In loving memory of Charles John
Blackley (Australian munition worker), who died at Ipswich, England, on November 6th 1918.
Inserted by his loving wife and children.

BLACKLEY.-In loving memory of Charlie
(munition worker), who died at Ipswich, England,
6th November.
Inserted by his loving sister Jeannie.

Transcribed from 'The Brisbane Courier'
Thursday 6th November 1919
Blackley, Charles John (I6339)
17587 __________________________________________________________


AULD.-In fond remembrance of Archibald Auld, the beloved husband of Catherine Auld, Logan Braes, Veresdale, who died 28th December, 1886, late of Stirlingshire, Scotland. A light has from our household gone.
The voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our hearts
Which never can be filled.

Transcribed from 'The Queenslander' Saturday 5th January 1889

AULD.-On the 29th December. 1885 at the Brisbane Hospital. Archibald Auld, late of Stirlingshire, Scotland, the beloved husband of Catherine Auld, of Logan Braes. Veresdale; leaves a large family and many friends to mourn his loss. " The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh." Aged 55 years.

Transcribed from 'The Queenslander' Saturday 9th January 1886 
Auld, Archibald (I787)
17588 Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1867: Opslag 229: Marriage no 4
Hans Christoffer Fedders, 42 years, born 12 Dec 1824, bachelor (Ungkarl) and anna Catharina Frederikke Pries, 19 years, born 8 May 1848. Marriage, 4 July 1867 in Ødis Kirke
Family F2901
17589 Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1877: Opslag 53: Birth no 7
Elias Christian Petersen was born on 20 Feb 1877 in Ødis Sogn, Vejle Amt. He was christened at home on 20 Feb 1877
He was the son of Laurids Madsen Petersen, Smed from Drenderup Mark and wife (hustru) Bodil Marie Elisabeth born Thorsen. Mother's age 24 years. 22/12/52
Barnet (Child) in Kirke 10 April 1877 
Petersen, Elias Christian (I12955)
17590 Ødis Sogn, Nørre Tyrstrup Herred, Vejle Amt
Ødis Kirkebog 1867-1886
Ødis Kirkebog 1871: Opslag 120: Birth no
Born 14 May 1871, Charlotte Margrethe Fedders, christened in church 25 June. Parents: Hans (Jens ?) Christian Feddersen and in - Mark and Anna Cathrine Friederikke born Peiess
Feddersen, Charlotte Margrethe (I7856)
17591 Ørbæk Sogn Kirkebog 1839 -1968: Opslag No 40: Birth No 8
Birth 12 Nov 1854, Fredericia Alba Eugenie Ragnhild Nathalie Lange: Christening 6 May in the Kirke: Parent's Names: Forpagter Salomen Lange and Josephone Lange nee Leth, Ørbæklunde

Ejere = Owner
Ejere af Ørbæklunde
Salomon Lindegaard Lange (1884-1920)
Lange, Fredericia Alba Eugenie Ragnhild Nathalie (I5948)
17592 Ørbæk Sogn Kirkebog 1868 - 1891: Opslag No 61: Marriage No 8
Marriage: 3 Jun 1876 in Ørbæk Kirke, Svendborg County
8. Lieutnant Peter Christian Emmerik Uldall af Kbh., f. 27/9
Frøken Alba Eugenia Ragnhild Natalie Lange af Ørbæklunde,
f. 12/11 1854.
Family F1939
17593 Ørslev Kirkebog 1814-1854, Opslag 12.
Ørslev Kirkebog 1828, Fødte Mandkøn Nr. 1
Født 15 February 1828 Christian Frederich Sophus Henrich Jeppesen, Kjerlingberg, hiemmedøbt [christened at home] d. 24de February 1828, bekræftet d. 7de Juli 1828.
Forældre: Hr. Birkedommer Hans Henrich Jeppesen og kone Antoinette Margrethe Christine, Dietrichsen paa Kjærlingbjerg.
S.J Hr Pastor Brinchs kone i Ronæs. S.T. Hr Pastor Storths kone i Kjerte. Hr Kammerraad Evers fra Vedelsborg, Hr ?? Helnæs og Hrr Kiøbmand Grønberg i Assens
Jeppesen, Christian Frederich Sophus Hinrich (I4284)
17594 Ørslev Kirkebog 1848; Opslag 156: No.2.
Died, 1854, 16 January, buried 25 January, Hans Henrich Jeppesen, Brikdommer in Kjerlingbjerg.
He was aged 61 years 
Jeppesen, Hans Henrich (I4289)
17595 Ørslev Sogn, Vends Herred, Odense Amt
Ørslev Kirkebog 1814-1854
Ørslev Kirkebog 1826: Opslag no 163: Death no 1
Died 7 Jul 1826, buried 10 Jul 1826, Helene Christine Uldall, Widow (Enke ) of Major Dietrichsen from Kjerlingbjerg. 78 years
Uldall, Helena Kirstina/ Christina (I4294)
17596 Ørum Kirkebøg 1815 -1846: Opslag No 125: Marriage No 5
Engagement: 23 Nov 1835: Marriage: 29 Dec 1835. Bridegroom Ungkarl { Bachelor} Steffan Krestensen - age 25 years:
Bride: Else Marie Thomasdatter- 22 years. Father: Thomas Sorensen

Ørum Sogn, Dronninglund Herred, Hjørring Amt
Family F1981
17597 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 141: Birth No 6

Son of Gaardmand [Farmer] Carsten Johann Reinbach and Cathrina Maria f. Jepsen in Hyrop 
Reinbach, Conrad Carsten (I5236)
17598 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 163: Birth No 14
son of Gaardmand [Farmer] Carsten Johann Reinbach of Cathrina Maria f. Jepsen in Hyrop 
Reinbach, Christian Friederich (I5237)
17599 Øsby Kirkebog 1826 -1873: Opslag No 574: Marriage No 6

This was Carsten Johann Reinbach's third marriage  
Family F1675
17600 Øster Hæsinge Sogn 1859 - 1891:Opslag No 3: Birth No 7
Born 11 Jul 1859, Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, christened in the Kirke 16 Aug 1859. He was the son of -? Erik Engelke Schaffaletzky de Muckadell and his wife [hustru] Anne Caroline Bernhardine Schaffaletzky de Muckadell nee Kosegarten
Schaffaletzky de Muckadell, Albrecht Christopher Carl Ludvig (I5962)

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