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	Walter and Maria Caroline Merrin 

Danish Census Database
 Baptism - William John Alonzo Chapman, 1859, Plymouth, Devon
 Botilde Mathilde Christina Marie Lau  Elsie Christina Deem  Ernest Charles Lloyd about age 30  Frank A. and Mary Lou Miller
 Garnet Jackson Collins and his mother Annie Orr Collins  Jes Jochimsen in Lundoft  Metta Marie born Friederichsen  Pearl Elizabeth Lees 'Edward Mariner Andrews' 'Jerry' Building
'Julia Margaret Cameron and Her Children Charles and Henry' 'Caerleon' Reesville 1915 'Candelaria's Cookbook' (1997) 'Dictionary of British & Irish Botanists and Horticulturalists', 1994 'Edward Mariner Andrews' 'Gap of Dunlo' Purple Mount - Reeks' 'Jerry Building in London' 'La Contadina' (Mary Emily Princep) by Julia Margaret Cameron 'Nec Pavidus Nec Superbus' (neither fearful nor overbearing). One of the two coats of arms on Elvet Hill, Durham. 'Peradventure' (by adventure). One of the two coats of arms on Elvet Hill, Durham.
'The Navy List Corrected to 18th December, 1914' 'Turin 12-13 July 1943' 'Wanhsien Expedition'
Surviving Naval Officers: Surgeon-Lt. Murray, Lt. Fogg-Elliot 'Mantis', Lt. Peterson 'Scarab' (by deduction) Henry and Kate Walsingham with their sons Harold Francis Walsingham, John Henry Walsingham and Frank Gordon Walsingham 1841 Census Henry Redwood 1851 Census Sarah Errington page 1 1851 Census Sarah Errington page 2 1871 Census Anton Breithaupt and family (page 1) 1871 Census Anton Breithaupt and family (page 2) 1881 Census Anton Breithaupt's family
1881 Census John Fitzgerald and family 1881 Census Richard Berry 1891c Margaret Breithaupt and son 'Hugh J' who may be John.
1901 Census 1901 Census 1907 South Brisbane A Grade Premiership Team 1921 Census 1921 Census 1939 index UK
Thompson family 1939 Register
2 Seagry Road as it is today. 2nd Lt. Erasmus Darwin 4 February 1860 Census for Christianshavn Kvarter, KÝbenhavn
kbhv, KÝbenhavn (Staden), Christianshavn Kvarter, Dronningensgade, Matr 263, LÝbe no. 64, Forhus, Stuen, 2179, FT-1860, D6360 4 Generations 4 Generations, Vosteen, Brightwell, Smith & Wilson. 61 Dames Road, Forest Gate, birthplace of David Caldow Simpson b.1892. A 1932 Rolls-Royce owned by James Cecil Lilley. 20/25 Hooper Limousine, registration YY 3691, chassis no. GMU54. A groundplan of St. Wilfrith's church, Moorends, Thorne, drawn by Carilef Miles Cooper A needlework sampler made by Elizabeth Lofty Whisson in 1840 A needlework sampler made by Marianne Whisson in 1843
A page from 'A New General English Dictionary' by Dyche. A super postcard of Lubeck Harbour, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
(Postcards of the Past)
LŁbeck Haven 1877 A. Ted Johnson Aabenraa-amt Aage Bundesen Abberton Manor, Essex Ada Elizabeth Page nee Lilley Ada Gertrude Page Gertrude Beath (nee Hoffman)
and Beresford Ronald Beath Adela of Normandy Adelaide Minna Bowler
Adeline Amelia Nichols Adeline Amelia Nichols Adeline de l'Etang Adolph Agidius Adolph Beathe, Naturalization papers Adolph Frederick Andrew Brockhoff Adolphus Chorley Robert Bowler Adrian Michael Bishop Adrienne Annie Atherton and Charles Stanley Atherton Agnes Kate Brooks (nee Clancy) and her 2 children Eileen Mary and Henry Kenneth circa 1923

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